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Cleaning The Oceans May Have Just Become Easier With This Robot-Shark That Preys On Aquatic Waste

Plastic pollution in oceans, lakes, and rivers is no laughing matter. One Dutch company has created a drone to help reduce and remove trash in the water, which is capable of devouring up to 200 liters of garbage every trip. This shark humans don’t need to fear, as the WasteShark focuses on hunting down plastic prey with laser focus.

No Fins All Bite

Nature has offered scientists the perfect design solutions to create a zero-carbon emission, agile, and compact robot. Similar to the whale shark, the WasteShark has a wide flat mouth that skims the water and sucks up whatever debris is in its path.

Fish and birds steer clear of the WasteShark while it is in operation, so there is no harm to wildlife. Unlike the whale shark, the WasteShark collects data as it swims up to 16 hours. The robot drone is capable of monitoring the water’s pH level and testing for nitrate, salinity, and other information.

Method Behind The Mechanics

Richard Hardiman is the CEO of RanMarine Technology, the company responsible for releasing the WasteShark to clean up waterways. If it weren’t for witnessing two men struggle to fish out their trash from the water, Richard Hardiman wouldn’t have been inspired to create the WasteShark as a practical solution.

Using a remote control or an iPad, the WasteShark can travel along canals, harbors, and rivers to collect waste. The idea behind the WasteShark is to collect plastic, contaminants, and other trash before it reaches the oceans. Ideally, the goal is to have groups of WasteSharks actively scooping up garbage before it can accumulate or sink to the floor.

Race To Save Big Blue

When it comes to scouring the world’s waterways for marine waste, trash is not always in open areas that are easy to reach. The WasteShark is small and adept for reaching challenging areas to scoop up refuse. This solar-powered robot drone has successfully been deployed in Rotterdam and Dubai to clean up the water.

RanMarine is a supporter of the UN Environment Clean Seas campaign, and the WasteShark displays the ingenuity of melding technology and nature to improve our planet’s health and appearance.

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