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These Halloween Costumes Are So Clever You’ll Want To Recreate Them This Year

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It’s the deliberation we all have even months before October strikes: what amazing, flashy, or sexy things will we wear out on the town as our Halloween costumes? Will it be something from our favorite film, or something so obscure that it demands an explanation? Will it be a current event, or even an animal?

These men, women, and children have definitely got us beat, and we’re scrambling to the drawing books, wondering why we didn’t think up these fantastically imaginative costume ideas on our own! Get ready to groan at some dreadful puns, to laugh out loud, and to be seethingly jealous of these brilliant trick-or-treaters.

1. It’s-a Me!

It goes without saying that one of the most fun parts of Halloween as a kid was going out trick-or-treating with all of your friends. But because you were so young, everyone was trying to stand out — not realizing how brilliant it could be to design your Halloween costumes together!

halloween costumes


Hopefully, as adults we gain the emotional maturity to want to unite with others, but we don’t lose sight of the things we truly loved as kids — and perhaps we even enjoy as adults. This group of friends is proudly representing their enthusiasm for the Mario game franchise, mushrooms and all, with color-coded balloons. Can you say #squadgoals?!

2. Cowabunga! (Dogabunga?)

Some patient pooches allow their doting owners to deck them out for Halloween too, and this Black Lab is being the best sport. This adorable fur friend has been dressed up as Donatello of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame — and with good reason. What other turtle’s name would you be able to make a great canine pun with?

dog costume ninja turtles donatello halloween costumes


Dogatello, easily identified by the purple of his eye mask, is just irresistible with that shell on his back. Thankfully, the dog’s Halloween costume doesn’t seem to be too cumbersome. He looks quite unsure of what exactly is going on, but he’d certainly be glad to have a slice of pizza.

3. We Come In Peace

It’s a mid-1990s nostalgia fest of the best kind. These fantastically wacky costumes are bound to have a whole slew of people scrambling to re-watch Mars Attacks. The parents were kind enough to let their kids steal the show as those googly-eyed Martians, minus the fishbowl helmets, as they’d likely be incredibly uncomfortable.

mars attacks halloween costumes


Must be frustrating for those Martians to only say “ack-ack” — how will they explain what kind of candy they’re looking for? Luckily, Mom and Dad are right behind them and in the full spirit of this zany sci-fi classic. Mom’s getup is out of this world as the Martian femme fatale in disguise, and dad is hamming it up as Jack Nicholson’s President James Dale.

4. We All Scream

We’ve all done it: having a bad day, stressed out, unsure of what to prepare for dinner or just haven’t got the energy to do so? Have no fear, Ben & Jerry’s is here for it. Seriously, how much darker would our lives be without this friendly carton of dreams? These ladies sure get it.

ben and jerrys ice cream halloween costumes

There’s even Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream, front and center. But while you’ve got to commend these women for the delightful variety of ice cream flavors they are proudly representing, there’s one fatal design flaw. Where on Earth is Chunky Monkey? How could you pass over this most crucial blend? Perhaps the name wasn’t the most flattering…

5. Be Our Guest

How dull our world would surely be without the symphony of groans generated by puns. Luckily for us, the holiday of Halloween has many purposes, and one of its hallmarks in modern times has become incorporating terribly clever puns into costume ideas. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing to you the lovely Taco Belle!

taco bell belle beauty and the beast disney halloween costumes

Avant Geek/DeviantART

This costume is brilliant because not only is it a pun that isn’t too cringeworthy, but it manages to combine two vastly different themes, each of which is a central factor in our lives: Disney films and Mexican food. Just one question comes front and center: what hot sauce is she using?

6. “I Thought They Smelled Bad On The Outside”

Star Wars fans are bound to be left absolutely gagging from the awesomeness of this costume. Somewhere between kangaroos, llamas, and lizards, tauntauns were the steed of choice for the Rebel base on the planet Hoth at the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back. Unfortunately for these weirdly adorable creatures, things didn’t always go their way.

tauntaun star wars kids empire strikes back halloween costumes

Halloween costumes that trick us into thinking someone’s legs aren’t where they actually are always manage to be a fun addition to the holiday. We’re just curious as to whether this brave Rebel is portraying Luke Skywalker or Han Solo. But whoever this little guy is, he’s clearly on the right path.

7. Social Butterfly

German superstar model, actress, and America’s Got Talent judge, the unstoppable Heidi Klum, has a special talent of her own where she apparently demos all her experience from her professional life in one place.  For over a decade, Heidi has made it her absolute mission to take people’s breath away with her incredibly intricate and extravagant Halloween costumes.

heidi klum halloween costumes

Heidi’s annual Halloween party has not only become an institution, but it is considered the place to be seen. Naturally, Heidi’s got to be the hostess with the mostest, and every year is a new opportunity to outdo herself. Here’s Heidi at her 2014 Halloween bash. Have you ever seen a butterfly quite so dazzling?

8. Stars In Disguise

Flanked by some seriously badass Secret Service agents, even if they aren’t the spitting image of  those who they’re portraying, you’re bound to instantly recognize this hilarious power couple of Halloween costumes. That world-famous red pantsuit, that silvery white hair that never seems to lose its shape: it’s Bill and Hillary Clinton, of course.

katy perry orlando bloom bill hillary clinton halloween costumes


But here’s something you’re far, far less likely to be able to detect from looking at this intentionally wrinkly presidential pair. That’s not just any average Dick and Jane dressing up as the former president and first lady. It’s no other than that most celebrated of celebrity power couples, actor Orlando Bloom and award-winning singer Katy Perry.

9. Too Sweet

You have to give some true props to this lady. After all, out of the myriad potential Halloween costumes, she went for an unbelievably specific pop culture reference. Or, to be more direct, where were you when the Unicorn Frappuccino hit the market — or when it was removed from production mere weeks later?

starbucks unicorn frappuccino halloween costumes pink

Smart Fun/DIY

This sickeningly sweet hummingbird-like libation in those ever-familiar Starbucks cups was only served for an incredibly brief period of time in April 2017. You could be so dazzled by its bright unicorn-themed colors that you’d forget just how much sugar you were guzzling. Replete with a whipped cream hat to top it all off, this woman deserves a prize — and make it a venti!

10. Suffragette City

What do you get when you mix a legend of rock music with a legend of the silver screen? Easily one of the most creative combos we’ve ever seen in Halloween costume history. For the uninitiated, fear not: kindly allow us to break down both Ziggy Stardust and Princess Leia for you.

rebel rebel david bowie princess leia star wars halloween costumes

Halloween Costumes

Ziggy Stardust was the late and great David Bowie’s best-known alter ego, an extraterrestrial savior who managed to pull off only the most glamorously outlandish of looks. While he’d retired the character by the time his hit song “Rebel Rebel” came out, it’s just perfect for Princess Leia, the leader of the rebellion in Star Wars — get it? You go, girl!

11. Still-Life

After the Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh’s troubled life and early death, he became one of the most celebrated artists in the history of the world. So what happens when you seek to combine the luminescence of his most famous work, Starry Night, with the likeness of the great creator himself?

vincent van gogh glow halloween costumes


You get yet another most excellent Halloween pun: Vincent Van Glow! While Van Gogh didn’t have a signature outfit that would make him recognizable, he did sport that vividly memorable ginger crop of hair, along with the mutton chops and a beard. This guy definitely proves that Halloween costume making is an art.

12. Love Wins

If you’re too young to remember seeing this happen on the air, then it’s time to get a refresher course in one of the most significant moments in television history. You can ask any Trekkie and they’ll gladly explain why Star Trek changed the world, but we’ll save you the time.

william shatner nichelle nichols interracial kiss star trek halloween costumes


Star Trek lead actors William Shatner and Nichelle Nichols had to slyly tiptoe around a reluctant network in order to get this episode aired, but when they did, they performed the first interracial kiss in television history. This has got to be one of the most adorable, not to mention topical, couples Halloween costumes out there.

13. A Storm Of Swords

Game of Thrones fans, this is your moment to cheer. While it’s unclear if this gloriously prickly getup is from Comic-Con or simply one of the most clever Halloween costumes ever, we can’t help but adore it, even if it appears to be rather unwieldy. Imagine trying to get around in that thing!

iron throne game of thrones halloween costumes


More than just a chair, the Iron Throne — the very core of all that fighting in the Game of Thrones series — is where the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms rules from. According to the George R.R. Martin novel series-turned HBO hit, the envied throne is located in the palace in the capital city of Kings Landing and was forged by dragon’s breath. And it had to take a great deal of thinking outside the box to make it a costume.

14. Yass Queen

This costume is giving us such a ridiculous amount of life, and just in time for the big-screen Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. Rock star Halloween costumes, though common, are not always the easiest to pull off right, and this gent is rockin’ it like it’s a night at the opera. Freddie Mercury would surely approve.

freddie mercury queen halloween costumes


Stache and all, Freddie Mercury had a variety of get-ups that would be easily recognizable, but this is probably the most well-remembered. Detail by detail, this sheer heart attack’s costume is a near-exact replica of the yellow suit that Queen’s dynamic lead singer sported in the band’s mythological performance at Wembley in 1986.

15. Plastic Fantastic Lovers

This married couple’s dedication to their Lego Halloween costumes is downright solid. Honestly, if we’ll ignore the socks for a second, if you stumbled across them you’d swear they were the spitting image of toys come to life. But there are definitely more than a few inconveniences to go along with this costume.

legos halloween costumes


Even if the Lego woman has cleverly managed to lodge a Lego flower bouquet in her hand (claw?), how will either of them grasp any of the drinks at the Halloween party? What about getting their house keys out of their pocket? At least they’ll be safe from any mayhem: everyone knows the last thing you want to do is trod on a Lego!

Think that’s awesome? Strap yourselves in, because we’re just getting warmed up. Keep reading for only the most hilarious, brilliant, and unusual Halloween costumes.

16. Seven Dwarfs For Seven Kingdoms

Well, now we’ve seen just about everything. It’s the crossover you never thought was possible, but if you take the original Disney princess and make her the heir to the Iron Throne (whoops, spoiler alert), then you are left with the magnificent Jon Snow White. Bask in the glory of this wordplay.

jon snow white game of thrones disney halloween costumes


We won’t ding the bearer of this Halloween costume for the less than glamorous backdrop, but the idea is as golden as that flouncy skirt. When she’s not taking fruit from strangers or singing to birds, this princess is slaying white walkers, hanging out with fuzzy direwolves, and getting resurrected. Not too shabby!

17. Ten Hut!

These couple Halloween costumes just keep getting more and more creative. There are just so many questions that have to be asked about this kind of look. For starters, the obvious thing we must ask about is that board the toy soldiers are standing on. Can it potentially double as a skateboard?

toy soldiers halloween costumes


The whole crux of this costume being hilarious is the ability to stand on that flat piece, but wouldn’t that get tiresome after a while, when you just want to walk around the party and schmooze? Let’s just hope that wherever these clever Halloween revelers with the resolve of real soldiers may end up, they’re able to relax at ease some.

18. Good Evening, Clarice

Your Tinder date just showed up! So what if he’s not how he appeared in his profile pictures? Buckle up, because you’re in for a special treat: an evening of fava beans and Chianti. Just don’t ask what the main course is. Okay, all joking aside, as far as Halloween costumes go, this one is just killer.

hannibal lecter anthony hopkins silence of the lambs halloween costumes

Imgur/Andy Pixel

Even if it’s a little unwieldy, this Halloween getup manages to blend the absolutely creepy with a clever trick of the eyes. Don’t understand the reference? This is everyone’s favorite cannibal, Hannibal Lecter from the seminal 1991 horror thriller The Silence of the Lambs, with his protective facial mask and straps, as he’s being transported from institution to institution.

19. She Blinded Me With Science

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious, and…nerdy? For this dastardly duo, apparently it wasn’t enough just to go out as television’s most famous odd couple, the quirky and the devilishly beautiful Morticia Addams, for their Halloween costumes. They had to up the ante with this glorious pun as a part of what they’re serving.

atoms addams family morticia gomez halloween costumes


Not even his John Waters pencil-thin mustache and her dangerously sensual deep-red lipstick could be a match for those electrons circling their frames. Ladies and gentlemen, may we proudly present to you: the Atoms Family! As you groan away the pain of that pun, let’s hope the atoms hold up tight when the couple gets down for some seriously spooky boogying.

20. The Force Is Strong With This One

Here’s Darth Vader, flying solo in a TIE Fighter to try and keep the rebels from finding and blowing up the exhaust port of the Death Star at the end of A New Hope. Even if that ignited red lightsaber isn’t necessarily flight-safe, he wants to make sure you’ve understood his costume.

wheelchair handicapped darth vader star wars halloween costumes

Kevin Tostado

But as brilliant of a look as this is — and really, the cockpit actually look the same size in the film — there’s a far higher purpose to this costume. We’re always delighted and excited to see people with a physical handicap who find ways to participate in Halloween, even incorporating their disability into their costume. He was but a learner — now he is the master.

Think that’s wild? Hold up, because some of the most fantastic Halloween costume ideas are just up ahead.

21. Bring Us A Shrubbery

As laugh out loud glorious as this pairing of Edward Scissorhands and his fabulously-crafted topiary is, you’ll have to admit that as far as Halloween costumes go, it’s a wildly impractical idea. First of all, under no circumstances whatsoever are you allowed to run while dressed like that, young man.

edward scissorhands halloween costumes


Second of all, in order to pull off this preposterous pairing, you’re going to have to find a willing partner who doesn’t have a problem not sharing much of the spotlight with you and remaining quite incognito under that shrubbery. Hopefully they don’t shed a leafy trail as they party with you!

22. Doopity Doo

We can only hope that the late and great Gene Wilder would get a kick out of this. Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, though one of our favorite childhood films, is really quite disturbing when you actually take a moment to think about it, but that won’t stop us from fawning over this hilarious pair.

willy wonka charlie chocolate factory halloween costumes


Frankly, you need this costume pairing. Without Violet Beauregarde as her post-punishment blueberry self by his side, you might think for a second that the gentleman is trying to portray the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland! He’d better keep a close eye on her, because you know just how many people are going to want to see if she can roll like a proper blueberry.

23. Party On!

Hands down, the most adorable pair of Halloween costumes we’ve seen that still manages to give us all the early ’90s nostalgia. Whether or not these little tykes have actually seen Wayne’s World is debatable, but we’re one hundred and twenty percent willing to let that slide, because they are rockin’ just as hard as necessary.

wayne's world halloween costumes kids


Dana Carvey and Mike Myers would certainly approve, but on one condition: they’d likely want to put them to the test — seeing if they know the lyrics to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and if they can properly headbang with those lovely locks! As the real Wayne and Garth blubbered to Alice Cooper: we’re not worthy.

24. Stop Following Me

It’s only the most adorable Halloween homage to the new Star Wars trilogy that we’ve seen yet. No, that pupper is not wearing an adult diaper. Here’s the background: initially, Rey was super annoyed that the adorably roly-poly droid BB-8 kept following her, but when you’ve got a face that sweet and pleading, how could she resist?

bb8 rey star wars halloween costumes dog


This doggo is the patron saint of canine patience and devotion to its owner. That face isn’t saying: “Am I a good droid though?” It’s definitely wondering, “When can I get this ridiculous costume off?” Rey doesn’t seem particularly bothered though. Staff and all, she looks perfectly prepared to deal with any rogue Stormtrooper they might encounter.

25. The Ice Queen

Long before Elsa and Anna, there were the dark queens who exposed the ruthless underbelly of the competitive ice-skating world: queens Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding of the 1994 United States Winter Olympics Team. The unsavory cast of characters surrounding the attack on Nancy was nothing short of unforgettable for all who were around back then.

tonya harding margot robbie halloween costumes


Australian actress Margot Robbie’s breathtakingly nasty performance as Tonya in the 2017 Oscar-winning candid biopic film I, Tonya has reinvigorated the public interest in the wild life stories of these skaters. Don’t let this gorgeous young lady’s cute bangs and sugary smile deceive you: there’s a whole lot of intrigue lurking there.

Pretty clever — but these next Halloween costumes coming up are sure to wow you even more.

26. Knocked Up

Whoops, wrong unexpected pregnancy film. This couple wanted to find a way to take the fact that the woman is incredibly pregnant in real life, and incorporate it into their Halloween costumes. In a stroke of brilliance, they chose Ellen Page’s breakthrough performance in the 2007 independent comedy film Juno.

halloween costumes juno ellen page


The film stars Michael Cera as his usual adorably awkward self, who accidentally got Juno pregnant. Even if this proud pair of soon-to-be parents had probably planned this out, the opportunity to poke fun at one another looks irresistible, given the circumstances. Red-striped shirt and all, it’s a great giggle.

27. Happy Trees

Look, if you’ve got that well-tended of a ‘fro and it’s not 1977, you’d better know how to work it, man. Enter one of the most simple but effective Halloween costumes out there for gents with bodacious hair: TV painting legend and original ASMR trigger, Bob Ross, alongside one of his creations.

bob ross painting picture halloween costumes


Even if we didn’t necessarily learn how to paint from his examples, there was something so fantastically soothing, if not mildly eccentric, about his persona. His best-known catchphrase was about adding just a dollop of “happy trees” in his painting’s background. With the beaming smile on his canvas, we’d say they’ve absolutely nailed it.

28. Earth-Conscious

In this day and age, it’s just preposterous that anyone would get away with wasting so much paper. But any person who has gone to CVS Pharmacy in the United States will instantly understand why this Halloween costume is so freaking funny. This fellow based his costume off of a real experience he had at the drugstore.

halloween costumes cvs receipt


For buying a simple box of orange Tic-Tacs, he received what has become the trademark of this pharmacy chain: their mystifyingly long receipts that come out of the cash register by the foot! Seriously, for anyone visiting the US, watching one of these Grecian scrolls burst out at the checkout line must be a true spectacle.

29. Never Grow Up

In the whimsical world of Peter Pan, anything was possible, from having the power to fly, to a colony run by wild children, and even mermaids. But one of the most endearing fantastical creatures of the whole book and film was Peter Pan’s own shadow, darting about and getting into all kinds of mischief.

peter pan shadow halloween costumes


To achieve this look didn’t just require some careful attention paid to the costume’s details. It also meant that the wearer would be comfortable not being recognized, and breathing through a mask — not to mention that Peter Pan himself would be far more easy to detect at first glance than his own shadow! Kudos to whoever this is for thinking just the right amount outside of the box.

30. So Much Snark

Those pursed lips, the eyes looking disaffectedly away from behind those enormous black-rimmed glasses: this woman has got the Edna Mode look down pat. Stealing the show from The Incredibles, this costume choice is the clear winner for anybody who knows they’re going to be the center of attention on Halloween night.

edna mode incredibles halloween costumes


As far as women’s Halloween costumes based on animated characters goes, it’s nice to see newer film characters with more agency and control who have joined the classic Disney princess canon. We can only hope this fabulous actress managed to pull off Edna’s signature mark: her clipped, nasal, vaguely Central European accent.

Sources: Bored PandaThe Telegraph

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