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This Clever Pooch Begged For Money, Then Proceeded To Buy A Hot Dog

One morning, Sergio Vazquez, a water distributor supervisor in Mexico City, was on a delivery route alongside one of his drivers when they decided to pull over for food in Tezoyuca, a metropolitan area of Mexico City. They chose to eat at a small place where customers walk up to the window to order. While in line, they noticed a black and brown dog walking toward them.

Dog Begs, But Not For Food

The canine came up to Vazquez and started pawing at his leg. Of course, Vazquez assumed the seemingly homeless dog was simply begging for food.

“The driver told me to give him a peso [5 cents in USD] to see what he does with it,” Vazquez told The Dodo.

Serch Vazque/Facebook

He couldn’t believe what happened next. When Vasquez held the coin up, the pup got up on his back legs and took the coin from his hand. But it’s what came next that truly shocked Vazquez.

The dog went up to the food stand, put his head on the counter, and dropped the coin on it.

Vazquez joked, “He wants to know what he can buy with that.” But the joke was on him, because he then saw one of the workers take the coin and walk away to get something, while the dog stood in place, patiently waiting.

Smart Pup Purchases Hot Dog For Himself

After a moment, another employee appeared holding a hot dog, which the dog took and ate. Because no one else seemed phased by this occurrence, it was obvious to Vazquez that it was something that happened at least once before.

Serch Vazque/Facebook

“I celebrate all dogs, but this one is something very special,” he said. “It warmed my heart to see what he does. He does this to everyone who comes to the store.”

Vasquez recorded the encounter and posted it to Facebook. He quickly garnered over 14 million views and thousands of comments from people, many of who surely were just as fascinated and impressed with Cabrón’s trick. 

Stray Dog Turns Out To Be Owner’s

However, some took issue with it, saying having to learn this behavior in order to eat is not something to laugh at. Fortunately, Vazquez came to find out that Cabrón was not a stray but actually belonged to the owner of the food stand. 

Though it’s unclear who exactly taught him the stunt, what is for sure is that this intelligent pup proved just how resourceful and “street smart” dogs can be.

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