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How To Turn Your Clutter Into Cash

Look around your house. More than likely you have items you don’t use or enjoy anymore just taking up space. Lucky for you (and thanks to the internet), there are lots of ways to turn your old junk into cold hard cash. Sure, everyone can put stuff they don’t use anymore up on eBay or Amazon, but there are some other little-known venues to sell your wares online that have made people some serious bank. Read on for a few tips on making extra money from items you were going to get rid of anyway.


EBay has been around for a long time and most people are familiar with it. You can sell anything on eBay but keep in mind shipping costs. If your item is too heavy (like furniture) it might not be worth selling on eBay. The great thing about selling your stuff on eBay is the huge customer base!


Amazon, like eBay, has been around a long time and you can sell any of your items on there and turn them into cash. They have fees too, but the advantage of Amazon is when a customer goes to the site to buy an item, your item is sitting in the used section right in the listing. That gives you a lot of exposure and increases your chance to make a sale.

Yard Sale

Yard sales are old school, but they’ve been around so long because they’re effective. If you organize your sale items and advertise, this is a good way to unload your trash so others can have a treasure. You might just meet some neighbors too!


If you have clothes and accessories to sell, ThreadUp is a website worth checking out. They accept over 35,000 different brands and send you a bag to fill up and send in free of charge. And who doesn’t have old clothes lying around to sell?

Pawn Shop

Yes, you can take your items to the local pawn shop for a quick flip into cash, but do your research. Make sure you know the value of what you have before you walk in the door and negotiate to ensure you’re getting a good deal.


LetGo is an app where you list your sale items, like Craigslist. Local people can view your items and show their interest through chat. When you make a sale, be sure to set up the exchange for cash only in a well lit and busy public place to ensure your safety.


There are groups you can join on Facebook to sell just about anything you want to unload. The bonus is your friends can spread the word and it can be local, so you don’t have to worry about shipping your item and it’s more likely you know the buyer.


Gazelle is a site set up to buy your used electronics. They give you a good price for your Apple, Samsung and other cell phone products. Plus, shipping is free and you get your cash quickly!


Consignment shops are great for selling your stuff. There might be a wait, so if you’re looking for quick cash this is probably not the way to go, but the good thing is they already have built-in customers ready to buy. The only downside is their cut can be up to 50% of your sale price. That’s steep!


DeCluttr is a site where you sell your CDs, DVDs, electronics, games, and books. The great things about this set up is you can type in the UPC of your item and it gives you the exact price you can expect to get right away.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved