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College Student Hilariously Sends “Exit Interviews” To Guys Who Ghost Her After Dates

The dating world can be quite the battlefield. From endless swiping on dating apps to awkward first dates, there are many uncomfortable and annoying aspects one must endure on the quest for love. Among the top of the list of frustrating experiences is the phenomenon of ghosting.

Ghosting In The Modern Age Of Dating

Spending time getting to know and becoming romantically involved with someone can be fun — until they completely stop answering texts and seemingly drop off the face of the earth with no explanation. The worst part is not knowing exactly what or where it went wrong.

However, one woman recently decided that, rather than sit back and wonder, she would take matters into her own hands — in the funniest way possible.

Girl Creates Exit Interviews For Exes

Comedian Abby Govindan recently took to Twitter to share how her 21-year-old friend Katie Miller handles it when someone ghosts her: She sends the guys a Google questionnaire to fill out. Questions include “What’s wrong with Katie?” “What could Katie have done to make this experience better for you?” and “Would you refer Katie to a friend?”

Many people seem to agree with this method of handling rejection, as the tweet quickly went viral and garnered more than 20,000 likes.

Appreciated and Applauded For Being Hilariously Proactive

It’s obvious that the Twitterverse had a positive response to Miller’s questionnaire. But what kind of reaction did the male recipients of the document have? Miller told Insider that not all of them answered, “but the ones who did were very nice.” She also explained that her motivation for creating the list of questions was to better understand why the ghosting happened and see if she could prevent it from happening in the future.

Exit interviews have long been an effective tool for companies’ HR departments to improve employee retention rates. Now, thanks to Miller’s genius method, they may be used to enhance personal relationships as well.

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