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College Students Surprise Beloved Janitor with Life-Changing Gift

A popular janitor at a university in the U.K. was so loved that students decided to do something nice for him. They came together and pulled off a major surprise that he’ll never forget!

A Kind Face

Herman Gordon is a pretty familiar face at the University of Bristol. He’s been a janitor at the university for 12 years. More than a janitor, the man often provides kind words and encouragement to the students, knowing how much they need it.

Daily Mail

“I know that these students are studying. You don’t want any negative vibes around them,” Herman shared in an interview. “They speak good things to me. I speak good things to them, and I bless them all.” Even though he loves his job and the students, he had a hole in his heart from missing his family.

Missing Home

The lovable janitor was actually from Kingston, Jamaica. He came to the U.K. as a kid in 1967 and had never returned home. He hasn’t physically seen his family in all that time.

Daily Mail

Though Herman truly missed his relatives, he never mentioned anything to the students. He certainly never let his longings for home affect his work. Yet, students would soon surprise him with an incredible gift he’d be forever grateful for.

An Unforgettable Surprise

Hadi Al-Zubaidi, a 20-year-old medicine student at the university, shared anonymously that he was going to start a GoFundMe page for Herman. He wanted to send the janitor and his wife to Jamaica for summer vacation. Within five days, the students raised almost $2,000!

Fox News

When Hadi surprised Herman with the money, the janitor broke down into tears. Herman’s wife, Denise, shared just how emotional Herman had gotten. ‘He phoned me and he was so excited that he couldn’t get his words out,” she shared. “He said, ‘I can’t believe it! We are going to see my family in Jamaica. I am going home to see my uncle George and all the cousins.'”

Watch the great surprise below!

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