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Meet The Colossal Maine Coon Who Is Charming The Internet

What’s big, fluffy, and loves to lounge on sofas? Lotus; She is making her rounds online as the latest cat celebrity, and is melting hearts on Instagram and beyond. This photographic feline loves showing off her fantastic long hair that rivals a lion’s mane, and knows how to make a presence. Lotus is a massive Maine Coon who loves snuggles, selfies and being the center of attention at home.

That Glamazon Mane

Some cat lovers freak out over cats with long hair, but Lotus has such luxurious long hair, you can’t help but want to brush it or pat it. Grooming is surprisingly not too challenging with a Maine Coon, and it makes their coat look picture perfect.

lotus_the_mainecoon / Instagram

The Maine Coon breed is recognizable by their large size and signature long hair, which keeps them warm in chilly Maine winters. Lotus adores showing off all that hair for her fans online.

Ultimate Couch Potato

There’s nothing like cuddling up to a cat while lounging on the couch, but with Lotus, it can be a little tricky. Lotus is a big bundle of fur, and she happily enjoys taking up most of the space. Lotus doesn’t mind offering herself as a pillow of warmth and purrs while relaxing or watching television.

lotus_the_mainecoon / Instagram

Sometimes she manages to squeeze into bathroom sinks to hide out or is happily exploring the outdoors  Maine Coons are one of the largest domestic cats to have as an animal companion and can weigh up to 20 pounds or more.

Big Fur Baby With Even Bigger Heart

Maine Coons are one of the most intelligent cats around, and Lotus seems to know the right time to show up for a picture or to see what’s cooking in the kitchen. With over 108k fans and growing on Instagram, it’s no wonder why Lotus is such a famous cat.

SlideShow ForFun / YouTube

Lotus has tons of personality, wears her long fur like a glamazon, and playfully shows off a range of emotions. Maine Coons like Lotus display qualities that are somewhere between a dog and a cat, which make them great additions for a loving home.

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