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This Company’s Custom Playhouses For Cats Are Next-Level ‘Meow-nificent’

The Egyptians understood that cats are regal, royal creatures that deserve to be adored. Almost since its inception, felines were also a Very Big Deal on the Internet. Everybody who ever owned a cat knew them to be independent animals that put personal comfort at a premium. One company decided to take advantage not just of the universal love of cats, but also of that old kitty-driven adage, “if it fits, it sits.” London-based gift site Suck UK made the smart choice to design next-level boxes that give felines a little extra edge.

A Dream Car For Cats

Owners were easily able to picture their kittens in intricately designed boxes created to look like something else entirely. What cat owner couldn’t empathize with the emotional pain of purchasing their cat an expensive house or perch, only to find their feline in a plain old cardboard box?

Suck UK

Suck UK, fully getting the importance of the box, decided to give cats what they want while taking it up a notch. The Catillac—get it?—proved to be the purr-fect pink vehicle for hours of lazy lounging.

Five Alarm Feline

Pet owners eager to give their cats the chance to play superhero fell in love with the company’s fire truck-shaped box for felines. As icing on the cake, it even included a ladder, which many kitties enjoyed clawing at and playing with as they hid out in their box.

Suck UK

Like other paw-some playhouses from Suck UK, buyers found the fire engine easy to put together. The brand’s boxes fold up effortlessly, allowing owners to store them away until it’s playtime for the cats.

Tank Attack

Following the belief that cats are all-powerful, Suck UK also created a tank design. The playhouse boasted a top-level opening that permitted cats to turn themselves liquid and slide inside to man the tank. Clever cats were able to plot their eventual takeover while planning out the inevitable war between felines and humans.

Suck UK

With cat houses like these, kitty owners had no trouble envisioning a future ruled by felines, no doubt driving around in heavy-duty cardboard tanks and fighter jets.

Would you surprise your cat with one of these playhouses?

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