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This Computer Engineer Built A High-Tech Shelter For Stray Cats That’s Equal Parts Genius And Benevolent

All around the world, stray cats are a huge problem in big cities. These cats are at risk during cold winters and hot summer because they have no shelter. And the Chinese city of Beijing is no exception. In light of the precarious situation facing the city’s stray cat, techie cat-lover Wan Xi decided to do something about it.

A Humanless Home

Wan Xi is a computer engineer by trade, and he knows how cold Beijing gets during the winter. He noticed that there were hundreds, if not thousands, of stray cats suffering through the cold temperatures.

He realized that these cats need a home. Finding people to care for all of those cats was too big of a task, so he made a home that could take care of them without humans.

Shelter From The Cold

Wan Xi built a large home for cats that has high tech cameras throughout it. The house has a door that uses facial recognition to tell whether it is a cat or another animal trying to get in. The computerized door will only open if the camera sees a cat.

The house is heated to a cozy 80 degree Fahrenheit, so cats can get relief from the harsh winters. The home is stocked with plenty of food and toys for cats. Wan Xi has even made sure the water in the shelter is properly heated so that it is refreshing to drink but can never get frozen.

Protection From Disease

Although living alone is hard enough, most stray cats in China die because of diseases that are easily treatable. The cameras in the shelter have also been programmed to recognize signs of common diseases the cats may be suffering from.

Veterinarians, animal shelter workers, and other animal advocates have partnered with Wan Xi. If a camera detects that a cat is sick, it will automatically notify Xi and his team. This invention is a cost-effective and compassionate way to save the lives of stray cats.

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