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Construction Workers Save Nearly-Frozen Dog From River Only To Discover It Wasn’t A Dog At All

Construction workers in Estonia were working when they noticed a dog trapped in the river nearby. The poor dog was basically frozen and they knew they couldn’t leave it behind. The workers risked their own lives to save him and get him to safety. Later, they were shocked to find out what the rescued animal really was!

A Rescue Mission

Robin Sillamäe, Rando Kartsepp, and Erki Väli were working on the Sindi dam near the Pärnu River in Estonia. They saw a nearly frozen dog trapped in the icy water. The workers quickly made a path for the animal, and it swam to shore as quick as it could.

After the animal escaped the river, the workers tried to dry it with towels and then took it to a car to warm it up a bit. Afterward, they drove the dog to an animal clinic to be checked out. They wouldn’t believe what the veterinarians would tell them later!

A Shocking Discovery

At the clinic, vets found that the dog had low blood pressure and was treated for hypothermia and shock. In looking at the dog, they had doubts that this was a domestic animal. A hunter had to inspect the dog and discovered that he wasn’t a dog at all. It was actually a wolf!

The hunter also determined that the wolf was pretty much a baby. It was only one year old. Though the wolf was young, he was still a wild animal who could strike at any moment, especially when he became more aware of his new, temporary environment. “Once he started to get an idea of the situation, I felt things might quickly take a turn for the dangerous. We got him into a cage,” said vet Tarvo Markso.

Born To Be Wild

It didn’t take too long for the wolf to bounce back. After receiving treatment for its hypothermia as well as parasite control drugs, it was released back into the wild. Researchers put a GPS collar on the wolf to keep track of him.

As for the workers who found him, they were in awe that they rescued a real wolf. They doubted that they would have been able to wrangle a full-size wolf, but are still glad that they were able to help. “The experience was new. We hope he will be fine,” Rando shared in an interview.

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