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After Continuous Tardies, The Internet Mobilizes To Help Boy’s Family Gets A New Car

No one likes being late for anything, and it’s really embarrassing to be late to school. The situation can be downright humiliating if your school handles it poorly. Rest assured, this is not another account of an unprofessional school. This is a story of a community coming together.

Hunter Is Late… Again

The Cmelo family was having a rough time. The mother was sick, and the family’s only car was breaking down constantly. The least of the family’s worries seemed to be that little Hunter kept getting to school tardy because of their circumstances.

Nicole, Hunter’s mother was dismayed to learn that her son was being punished for “excessive tardiness.” He was forced to sit alone at the lunch table with a cup with a D on it in front of him. Did the D stand for dunce or detention? Who knows?

The Community Bands Together

Nicole posted a picture of Hunter’s unfortunate predicament on social media. In her post, she explained that it was upsetting that Hunter was being punished for something he couldn’t control.

The community of Grants Pass, Oregon also realized that Nicole couldn’t control the situation. She was dealing with health problems, and, despite being hard workers, her family just couldn’t afford to fix their car. Rather than simply feeling bad for the Cmelo’s their community decided to do something big. 

More Than Expected

First, the local Kelly Automotive offered to fix the family’s van for free. With the help of a local repossession company, they were able to do even better than that. The Cmelo’s were gifted with a brand new van and free servicing on that van for one year.

Along with making a strong personal impact on the family, the community’s response to Hunter’s story also led the local school system to change its policies. The Cmelo family can now focus on the mother’s health now that Hunter has been supported by such a caring community

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