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Cop Hailed A Hero After Saving A Freezing Dog From The Erie Canal

Would you crawl across an icy canal to rescue a pup in distress? Sgt. Gray didn’t hesitate to do so. He put his life in danger to save a freezing canine. He proved that every life is worth rescuing — especially those of our four-legged friends.

A Dog In Distress

Sgt.Travis Gray was on call when he got a report that no animal-lover wants: there was a dog in distress. A citizen of Spencerport near Bowery Street called the Ogden Police Department after hearing a dog yelping in fear. Sgt. Gray was the first to respond to the incident. Thankfully, he successfully located the dog. However, the scene was more terrifying that he could have imagined.

The canine, a Shepard-Rottweiler mix, wasn’t out of harm’s way at Sgt. Gray’s arrival. The poor pup had fallen into the icy waters of the Erie Canal. Without action, the dog would quickly freeze in the cold water. Sgt. Gray was quick to call the fire department, yet he knew that he couldn’t simply stand by and wait for them to arrive.

A Life-Saving Decision

By the time that Sgt. Travis found the pup, the dog had been in the water for close to 20 minutes. The officer realized that the dog might not be able to hold on long enough to be rescued by the firefighters. So, he did what any dedicated dog-lover would do: he tried to find ways to rescue the canine.

Sacrificing his own safety, Sgt. Travis decided to trek onto the ice and retrieve the dog. Sgt. Gray slid on his hands and knees across the treacherous surface of the ice. He used only a flashlight to guide his way to the terrified dog beneath the broken ice. Despite the potential of falling in, Sgt. Gray refused to let the frightened canine suffer any longer.

Risky Rescue Of The Pup

Sgt. Gray filmed his journey across the ice, including the touching moment where he finally reached the terrified canine without falling into the cold water. As the pup wheezed and cried, he offered comforting words and a warm embrace. The heroice officer had risked his life to rescue the dog, however, he didn’t regret his decision.

“The way it was howling, its ears were covered in ice. I just decided to do it, I couldn’t wait,” he shared. After saving the hypothermic pup, EMTs on the scene snuggled the rescued dog in blankets to raise his temperature. Thankfully, his condition improved and the dog was taken to a local animal control shelter where he was reunited with his owners the next day.

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