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Cop Stands In Rain During Violent Storm Until Couple Realizes Why

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The last several years have seen an influx of negative news relating to cops. However, we don’t often hear about many of the incredibly compassionate actions of officers. While this cop drew some confused stares for her strange behaviors, the truth behind them is heartwarming!

A Concerning Scene: Standing In Harm’s Way

In Greenbelt, Maryland, Carolyn Hammett and her husband were driving home through some intense weather conditions. It was pouring rain, and no one in their right mind could be found outside! However, the couple soon came across a puzzling scene.

Despite the rough conditions, there was someone caught in the weather: a police officer. They weren’t trying to escape it, though. They were standing right in the middle of the road! At first, the couple thought that she may have been trying to warn drivers about the road conditions. However, they were shocked about what she was really trying to protect!

A Heartwarming Explanation: Protecting An Innocent Creature

It’s no secret that standing in the middle of the street is dangerous, especially during a storm. But this officer had a grin on her face as she did! The Hammetts decided to pull over and offer her an umbrella. Upon approaching her, Carolyn’s husband realized what she was really doing!

The officer, Sharnise Hawkins-Graham, was hard at work caring for a slow-moving individual caught in the rain. It wasn’t a person she was protecting, though, it was a turtle who had gotten stuck in the road! Carolyn and her husband were touched by the cop’s compassion for the creature. They decided to jump into action and help!

The Officer’s Victory: A Rescue And A Reward

The officer continued to risk her own safety to protect the little turtle, but the Hammetts didn’t leave her to suffer. Carolyn’s husband raced home to find tools to help relocate the animal! He returned with a couple of shovels and the pair successfully moved the creature to the side of the road! Thankfully, the officer’s actions didn’t go unnoticed by her superiors.

After her heroic rescue of the slow-moving animal, Sharnise Hawkins-Graham was granted the Greenbelt Police Officer of the Year award. It’s no wonder why: her dedication to the job is astounding. The kind-hearted cop truly went above and beyond her duty to protect all the citizens of the city– including a creature as tiny as a turtle!

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