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Cops Get Complaint About Giant Slip ‘N Slide, End Up Going for a Ride

It was early July when the Asheville, N.C. police department received an odd complaint about a giant Slip ‘N Slide that was supposedly creating excessive noise and blocking the road. When police officers Joe Jones and Carrie Lee arrived on the scene, everyone assumed the fun was over.

Little did they know, the cops were about to join in! The police said that they did not shut down the amateur ride because it did not commit any violation.

Public information officer Christina Hallingse, in an interview with the ABC News, said: “The officers got there and people were like, ‘Oh my gosh, the cops are here. They’re going to shut us down,’ but they noticed the noise was fine. It was literally the sound of kids playing. The Slip ‘N Slide they noticed was so far off the street that cars and emergency vehicles could still pass through so it was perfectly fine and they decided to join in on the fun. There were no citations issued.”

The residents who witnessed Jones and Lee’s slip ‘n slide ride were overjoyed about how the police officers reacted to the situation. One man named Chuckie Velvet even shared clips of the fun incident on her Facebook page with a caption that read: “You can never tell me that East Asheville Oakley isn’t’ the best place to live.”

The Asheville Police Department has also shared the videos and the thousand likes and positive comments received by the Facebook post simply proved that not all police officers have a bad reputation.

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