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Incredible Cosplay Outfits That Turn Fantasy Into A Reality

cosplay alien incredible

Cosplay is the performance art of dressing up as your favorite characters, usually in a science fiction-type niche, and parading around to show off what you’ve got. Every year, enthusiasts of the activity descend upon Comic Con and other conventions, where they can share their love of the genre with fellow fans.

Cosplay can be as simple or as complex as the costume designer wishes for it to be, and some superfans have just got the rest of us amateurs totally beat. With their eye for detail, their ingenuity, and jaw-dropping creative powers, these cosplayer costumes will have you wishing you had thought of it first.

1. Woman, Interrupted

Wonder Woman is easily one of the most inspiring and memorable superheroes ever imagined, and thanks to Gal Gadot’s spellbinding performance in the recent movie remake, this Amazon warrior has become etched on the consciousness of a generation. But while her character may have flaws here and there, never did we imagine she could go this rogue.

Wonder Woman and Harvey Dent

Gett /Daniel Zuchnik

A mark of excellent cosplay is not just the flawless recreation of popular gaming and superhero figures, but the possibility of adding something new and clever to the characters we already know. Here, the cosplayer toys with the superhero genre, taking Harvey Dent’s super creepy Two-Face from the Batman series, and adding some darkness to her favorite fighting princess.

2. Packing A Punch

Those unwieldy metallic fists of fury belong to the character Vi from the multiplayer arena game League of Legends. But besides being incredibly difficult to scratch your nose with, those enormous mitts represent an intense amount of work. He’s invested some true dedication to making a cosplay demonstration that’s sure to turn heads.

costume cosplay dude

David Ngo

But like any particularly good cosplay, this participant has put a unique twist on the character: Vi is a lady! Not only that, but she doesn’t really show too much skin. That’s where the flexibility that cosplay affords shines best: the ability to feel comfortable in your own skin and still kick butt.

3. Disney Fin-cess

Because dressing up as Disney princesses has to be one of the most common forms of cosplay out there, it’s highly likely that you’ve already seen a wide variety of costumes in that ilk. But then, along comes one costumed gem that really knocks the competition out of the water.

ariel little mermaid cosplay amazing

This Ariel is so shockingly convincing that it would not be far-fetched to feel this is literally what the cartoon character would look like if she stepped out of the screen and came to life. From that vibrant red wig with the matching lipstick and eyebrows, to her sparkling blue eyes and sea green tail, she definitely deserves to be where the people are.

4. Creative Wiz

She’s worlds away from Gandalf the Gray, but they at least share the same profession. This cosplayer has dressed up like a wizard from the Diablo III video game. This type of wizard is regarded as a glass cannon, excellent at attack and helping those around them, but not as well with defense.


Monika Lee

Among her powers, the wizard can encase herself in a diamond in order to heal herself. This wizard is brandishing an orb, flashing a glance that radiates mystery and intrigue to all who approach. With her ethereal look and powerful brand of femininity, this cosplayer certainly has cast a spell on us.

5. Dedicated Droid

Sometimes, a cosplay reference is not only deeply specific, but its execution is nothing short of awe-inspiring. This cosplayer has dressed up as an adjutant, an artificial intelligence super computer who is one of the characters in the StarCraft game franchise. Even if you don’t know the game, the presentation is absolutely fascinating.

cosplay adutant

Sometimes when the cosplay is just right, your movement might be limited, but you can still be satisfied in knowing how incredibly unique you look. The amount of dedication put into this complex costume is apparent. This is the sort of person who wouldn’t get two feet down the street without people wanting to take a picture with them.

6. The Recession Has Hit Hard

Let’s face it, for those of use who have taken the Tube in London, we can agree that there are definitely stranger sights to be seen. But there’s something to be said for casually encountering this gaggle (is that the proper term?) of superheroes just calmly seated and making polite conversation while waiting for their stop.

avengers spiderman london tube underground subway cosplay


Whatever cosplay convention this bold band was arriving to, it seems it just wasn’t worth it for all of them to coordinate piling into one vehicle. The one perk of taking public transit is that they could keep their masks on! Driving like this might fetch you a hefty ticket if the police happen to spy you (and it’s not like you wouldn’t stand out).

7. Out Of This World

Deep breaths, because beyond how entrancing this mystical lady is, we’re about to delve deep into the mythology of the World of Warcraft gaming series. The female draenei are part of an alien race known as eredar, who were corrupted and became demonic. But this one is a representative of a species of space refugees fleeing the evil ways.

warcraft cosplay


With those cloven hooves and horns, as well as the otherworldly skin tones, this is a look that’s both unique, beautiful, and totally unexpected. Nerds and gaming enthusiasts alike, wait no further. Your dream girl has arrived — and she’s sure to be the belle of the ball at Comic Con.

8. Ladies Who Punch

Gender-bending, makeup, classic comic book characters, and devilish mayhem: that’s what cosplay is all about. This group of dangerous ladies has taken on a mission. They’re emulating classic Batman villains but also taking it into a contemporary tangent, Suicide Squad. Whatever convention they’ve arrived at, it’s certain they’re in the mood for some mischief.

joker batman villains cosplay


Boldly standing at the center of the pic, gleaming with glee, are callbacks to the original 1966 Batman series: the first representations of the Joker and the Riddler. Their prop set comes complete with one of the soundcards used in the series. The Caped Crusader won’t even know what’s hit him.

9. The Line Between Fantasy And Reality

This stunning act of cosplay certainly had heads turning. Though her signature look has her in shades of deep blue from head to toe, this is X-Men character Mystique as you’ve never seen her portrayed before — that is, to say, unless you’re a devoted fan and are able to get the reference.

mystique xmen comiccon cosplay


This look recalls the slinky Mystique morphing into a male US Army officer during a pivotal moment in the 2014 film X Men: Days of Future Past. Here, she’s half G.I. Jane, half dangerous blue shape-shifter, and she gets major props for flawlessly matching her face paint color to her outfit.

10. She Can Do It

How about this savagely cool pic for flipping our expectations about what we will see at cosplay conventions? This boss with her flowing mane of vivid, flaming hair is showing everyone that they ought to think outside of the box and perhaps even defy traditional norms when dressing up as their favorite superheroes.

captain america marvel cosplay

Brian Calilung

With her bandoleer slung about her waist, this woman warrior has taken on the role of Captain America and reinterpreted it in her own right. For her pose, she’s evoking the world-famous World War II poster of Rosie the Riveter, one of the most internationally well-known symbols of female empowerment. You can be our hero, lady!

11. Fierce And Fabulous

Critically-acclaimed Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki has brought many fantastically imaginative and surreal worlds to life through his films, but perhaps his most celebrated is 1997’s Princess Mononoke. It tells the tale of the clash between humankind, nature, and the supernatural realms. Though the movie is packed with classically beautiful and arresting imagery, none are more memorable than San.

princess mononoke cosplay


San is a wild girl who was raised in the forest by a wolf goddess called Moro. This cosplayer has donned the stark red face paint, animal skins, and bold yet simple jewelry of her character. Her face is twisted in her ferocious snarl. This is a princess of the woods who defies gender norms and is not to be tangled with.

12. Khaleesi, Is That You?

Obviously, the Mother of Dragons, Khaleesi of the Dothraki, Daenerys Targaryen (whatever you’d like to call her) from the Game of Thrones series was bound for cosplay greatness the second George R. R. Martin put pen to paper. There have been many different interpretations of her various looks over the years, but this one is downright jaw-dropping.

khaleesi daenerys targaryen cosplay


British actress Emilia Clarke’s gorgeously icy face in costume as Dany has become an instantly recognizable cultural icon for the ages. But from looking at this cosplayer, would you know it’s not actually her? The resemblance is nothing short of eerie. Dangling around her neck, true to character, is one fantastic dragon’s tooth necklace.

13. Mystifying Mystique

Would you ask her out, or would you think twice about tangling with her? This cosplay pro has dressed up as Mystique from the X-Men series. While her costume may not appear to be as intricate as other cosplay convention-goers who truly go overboard, she’s done an extraordinary job.

blue lady cosplay mystique xmen

This lady shows us all how simple yet effective an incredible cosplay outfit can be. With just a bit of face paint, some particularly precise makeup, and those intensely fierce tinted contact lenses, she’s transformed herself into a character who seems as alluring as she is dangerous: just like the actual Mystique.

14. Dragon Lady

Enticing yet terrifying, human yet otherworldly, chic yet formidable, this is some award-winning cosplay here. Deathwing is one of the most fearsome characters invented in the World of Warcraft universe, the ultimate tangible representation of anguish, doom, and disorder, a lord of dragons. Behold the unbelievable amount of detail this cosplayer has put into her ornate getup.

Dragon Lady

What’s even more impressive is that Deathwing is a dragon in the game, nothing even remotely similar to a human in his appearance. Kiwi-American cosplayer extraordinaire Jessica Nigri managed to take something so bestial, and through her careful costume design and artwork, find the perfect balance between human beauty and animalistic ferocity.

15. Yass Queen

No matter how far Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman will go in her career, she won’t be able to escape this iconic look from earlier on when she played Queen Amidala in the first Star Wars prequel alongside Keira Knightley as her double. And there’s a good reason for it: this makes for a fabulously fun cosplay idea.

queen amidala padme star wars cosplay


Though Queen Amidala goes through a breathtaking number of costume changes, this look, with which we are first introduced to her in her throne room on the planet of Naboo, is decidedly the most recognizable one of all. To this cosplay whiz, complete with the whorls of hair and the stern expression, we salute you.

16. Cold As Ice

Of all the costumes on display at San Diego’s Comic Con in 2017, this one has to be without a doubt one of the most impressive ever. This is a human representation of the character Sindragosa – an undead frost wyrm (a species of dragon) from of the wide assortment of creatures in the World of Warcraft universe.

cosplay winter queen

Jessica Nigri

Some of the most dedicated and talented cosplay designers have the ability to make you look at them and scratch your head wondering if they’re even real. Yet, despite what it might seem, this is not an illustration, but an actual human being decked out in frosty makeup and accessories. How cool!

17. Pro In The Shell

Dressing up as your favorite comic book or video game character can be as easy or as complicated as you wish to make it. For this young woman, the costume comprising her shirt and pants were merely the beginning, as she went full throttle to emulate the character D.Va from the video game Overwatch. cosplay

Bored Panda

On D.Va’s back is her not-so-secret weapon. She’s strapped into her massive mech suit, armed with formidable blasters to mow down her enemies. Only problem is: you have to wonder how she can get through narrow doorways! Hopefully the entrances at whatever cosplay convention she was attending were more than accommodating.

18. The Latest Superfoods

Comic book superheroes are a staple of modern American culture and the contributions that American creators have brought to the world. But what happens when you combine them with another staple of American culture: all that is greasy, good, cheap, and quick — the joys of fast food. Enter these cosplay geniuses.

fast food heroes cosplay

Alienware Arena

Towering above his fellow crusaders in a fusion of Norse mythology and American commercialization, Thor sure looks strapping in all that red and yellow, and the thought that Ronald McDonald just got slightly buffer and bolder is making us oddly uncomfortable. Captain America has been promoted to the rank of Colonel, as he defends liberty because it’s finger-lickin’ good. Black Widow has traded in her flowing locks for Wendy’s pigtails, and it suits her fantastically. Bravo, team!

19. Cosplayer For The People

The video game Overwatch went totally meta when they introduced the character of D.Va to their adoring fans. As her story was explained, she was a 19-year-old gamer from South Korea, who excelled at playing StarCraft and got sucked into the gaming universe when recruited by her government to fight a plague of monsters. cosplay comic con

Pinterest/Maria Fernanda Galvão

In Korean culture, D.Va has become a celebrated character, even appearing in protests against the president, as well as the International Women’s March in 2017. Her swift and powerful character proved that even a teenager could be recruited to help defeat the forces of evil, and could excel at being lethal.

20. Don’t Mess With The Dress

Widowmaker is a character in the Overwatch video game. She is an extremely effective sniper, known to proudly brandish her weapon of choice over her shoulder. Cosplayer Lady Nikoru has brought this femme fatale to life with this ornate cosplay outfit. She’s so confident in her abilities that she’s gone light on armor.

cosplay alien incredible

Alienware Arena

Widowmaker’s character is excellent at defense, picking off her enemies from a distance, and able to lob a toxic gas grenade when they approach which has the power to heighten her awareness. Her cold blue skin echoes her apparent numbness to human emotion. Enjoy her presence, but you are cautioned to observe from a distance.

21. Rebel Yell

Xena: Warrior Princess defined television programming of the 1990s. Rarely before had TV audiences seen a female lead character so bold, so free-spirited and so adept at fighting her own battles. Right there along with her was her trusty sidekick Gabrielle. Just like the on-screen BFFs, these two look thick as thieves.

xena gabrielle warrior princess cosplay

They’re a duo of fan favorites who represented the free spirit of woman unfettered taking control of a male-dominated world. This powerful pair is an obvious choice for cosplay royalty. For her weapon of choice, Xena is brandishing, of course, her flying disk, the chakram. How well can she do that high-pitched shriek though?

22. The Dark Knight Fries It

You just can’t forget the human behind the mask. After a long day of fighting crime, or committing the crime, Batman and his archnemesis Bane have apparently called for a cease fire and are sitting down together to refuel over the one thing that can truly unite them: Kentucky Fried Chicken.

batman bane dark knight cosplay


As far as replicated superhero film characters go, chances are close to none that you can go to a cosplay convention without running into some form of these two. But rarely do you get to see them when they’re not walking around looking tough, and just sitting together to chow down!

23. Some Serious Side-Eye

Obviously he missed Tyra’s memo about “smizing.” His look isn’t complicated, but it’s duly terrifying. The Night King, leader of the zombie-like White Walkers that inhabit the wastelands of the north beyond the wall in Game of Thrones, is an irresistibly arresting television villain — and the perfect costume idea for some seriously sinister cosplay.

night king white walkers game of thrones cosplay

Bored Panda

It’s a fantastically frightening mask (or is that actually a ton of expertly-applied makeup?) to go with that body armor, but the best part of this entire look has got to be the skin tones. That unearthly mix of green, gray, and white is just sickly, sallow, and everything ghoulishly captivating about this character.

24. Heavy Boots Of Lead?

Black Sabbath references aside, this Iron Man costume is so convincing that we definitely did a doubletake just to make completely sure that it’s not really Robert Downey Jr. This cosplayer certainly surprised some fans at a Comic Con convention with his similarity to the star of the popular film franchise about the Marvel hero. Sometimes, having the mask off can bring along its own benefits.

iron man cosplay comic con

As the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man is an audience favorite, and a look that is hotly sought after, but hard to replicate. Whether he bought it or assembled it himself, this superfan has pulled off an incredible recreation of the Iron Man body suit, with all the intricacies of the armor and its flashing lights.

25. Darth Meow

There’s no avoiding it: nothing has divided Star Wars fans more deeply and caused more controversy among film lovers than the infamous prequels. But one creation from these divisive films that most critics, even the most salty, can agree on is the evil nemesis Darth Maul from the first film, The Phantom Menace.

darth maul star wars cosplay

Eugene Morton

Known for his double-ended lightsaber and his red and black skin pattern with horns and heart-stopping glare, this Sith lord faced off in an epic battle with Jedis Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. And while this famous film villain met a brutal fate, this shirtless cosplay enthusiast has us believing in reincarnation.

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