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County Jail Converted Into Modern-Day Noah’s Ark Amid Hurricane

It may seem strange and a bit more like Noah’s Ark than anything else. Amidst Hurricane Irma, about 250 different animals such as sloths, snakes, mini-horses, reptiles, and others from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Animal Farm in Key West, Fla., had to be evacuated and were placed inside a county jail to keep them safe.

They are kept warm inside holding cells or crates, according to a Facebook post by Jeanne Selander, one of the individuals who helped transport the animals from the animal refuge to safety. Selander shared how bizarre the entire set-up was, considering that the county jail had been practically converted into Noah’s ark after all the animals have arrived.

“I have safely evacuated the animals inside the jail to the first floor. The jail has now officially become an ark. Never in a million years did I ever think that I would have to do this. It is terrifying, exhausting, and surreal. The winds are really picking up now and I will try to keep you all updated as we move through this storm,” wrote Selander.

She also shared videos of mini-horses munching on hay contentedly inside one of the jail cells as well as photos of the animals. Selander also shared that the animals were adjusting well to their new environment and while power had gone out, the jail’s generators had been working without trouble.

“All the animals are doing well and we’re still here! They say the worst is yet to come around 7 AM. We lost power around 9 PM last night but thankfully all the jail generators kicked in,” Selander wrote on her Facebook wall.  “Keeping the animals happy and their stalls (or cells) clean has been my greatest much-needed distraction,” she added.

Considering the flood and other problems caused by Hurricane Irma, there are still no definite plans as to when the animals will be returned to their original facility.

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