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What This Couple Did For A Group Of Children In Need Will Melt Your Heart

With all of the bad news we receive nowadays, it’s hard to have a positive outlook on life. Sometimes, though, a story comes along that changes all of that. It renews our faith in humanity. The extreme amount of compassion one person shows somehow makes up for the lack of it in everyone else. This is one of those amazing stories.

A Tragic Past

Joe and Karen Bartling began building their family 30 years ago. They had one biological son but failed to conceive more children. That’s when they decided to reach out to those in need of loving parents.


Their first adoptive child was Hannah (now 23). At the age of two, she had been abandoned in an orphanage in South Korea. Although they fell in love with her right away, it did take some time to accept the fact that she was blind. Caring for a child with a disability is a big responsibility, but they were ready for it.

The Hopeful Present

Now, the 60-year-old couple has adopted six children in total. Each of them is blind and some have other special needs. For example, Obed Josiah has cerebral palsy and requires around-the-clock care.


Jesse (17) also needs constant attention, as he has a learning disability. David (18), Bethany (18), and Abi (18) are their other three children. They each have varying disabilities but receive the same amount of love and affection from their parents.

A Bright Future

By adopting each of these children, the Bartlings gave six people a bright future that they might not otherwise have had. They don’t let their disabilities hold them back, either. They all have varying interests, which they love to talk about on their YouTube channel.

Joe Bartling

They do their fair share of housework, as well. While Jesse and Obed need more assistance, the other four children make their beds and do other small chores. There is no doubt that they will go on to be amazing adults because of the love this couple has shown them.

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