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Couple Uses Pre-Wedding Dinner to Feed Hurricane Harvey Victims

Dayna Skolkin and Josh Tillis was supposed to get married on September 3 but due to Hurricane Harvey, they had no choice but to cancel all their wedding plans including hosting a pre-wedding dinner for their family friends at the Aishel House, a charity organization that was co-founded by Skolkin’s deceased mother.

pre-wedding dinner

ABC News

“Once we saw the damage that happened… we knew that there was no way that we could continue on with the wedding,” the would-be bride told CTV News.

Since the couple canceled the pre-wedding dinner at the last-minute due to the disaster, they were surprised to learn that the food for their event was still delivered to the Aishel House and was being prepared to feed hundreds of people affected by the calamity.

“We didn’t realize how they got the food, we didn’t realize it was the food that was originally intended for our dinner. Once we did, it was a very emotional and really heartwarming realization,” Skolkin said.

pre-wedding dinner

The couple went to the charity house to lend a helping hand but the gesture becomes even more special once they discovered that they were more connected to the whole thing than they initially realized.

Being on the ground and actively participating in providing relief to people who have been badly affected by the tragedy also helped put things in perspective for the would-be Mr. and Mrs.

“It was very therapeutic and nice to be able to do something constructive for other people,” Skolkin said.

Having to cancel one of the most anticipated and most awaited moments of their lives was undoubtedly a difficult decision but the pair knew that there were still many things to be grateful for.

pre-wedding dinner


“[W]e were obviously devastated and felt terribly for ourselves, but once you get out and you see what the houses look like, it’s pretty easy to forget about yourself and start feeling for others,” she added.

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