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Hilarious Couple Goes Viral After Posting “Empty Nest” Photos As Kids Leave For College

Some parents get emotional when their kids leave home for the first time. The Pipers, a couple whose kids were officially both in college, decided to take advantage of their newfound freedom with a fun photoshoot, mocking the milestone photos so many millennials love to take. Little did they know, their photos would take the Internet by storm.

Young Once Again

Vicky and Jeff Piper realized they’d have a lot of freedom after their two kids were away at college. “My husband and I had been really talking about what life would look like for us,” Vicky said. “He was just like, ‘I would love to just be able to date you all over again. It’s going to be good, and we’ll have time to go do stuff for us.’”

Facebook / Vicky Piper

Off To College

With their son, Cameron, going away to school in the fall, and their daughter, Caitlyn, attending her second year at college, the Pipers were receiving a lot of messages from friends and family checking in. That’s when Jeff came up with the brilliant idea that led to the family going totally viral.

Facebook / Vicky Piper

The Sensational Photoshoot

To symbolize their home without kids, the Pipers posed with an empty nest and a chalkboard marking the date of their nest being officially empty. “We thought it was so funny. We were just cracking up,” Vicky said. “The two of us, we thought we’d find it incredibly funny, but nobody else would.” The Internet, however, quickly responded with 195,000 likes and 44,000 shares on Facebook.

Facebook / Vicky Piper

Unsuspecting Internet Fame

The hilarious couple even inspired commenters to host their own “empty nest” photoshoots. “We sit here completely humbled and shocked of the impact of our viral post,” Vicky said on Facebook. “You can say the last 4 days have been a quick lesson on producers, timelines, different styles of interviews and the mystery why some things go viral and others don’t. But one thing is the same after each interview. We talk about hope, love and how God is so good.”

Facebook / Vicky Piper

Prepare For Landing

Cameron’s college of choice, Saginaw Valley State University, wanted to get in on the viral action, too. The school sent a photographer to capture a photo of the college freshman with a sign explaining where he’s landed after leaving his parents’ nest. “We’ve raised our kids and now they’re truly spreading their wings to fly…but, ultimately, when the kids had their ups and downs they were in the nest, and we helped them through it,” Vicky said. “…now when they leave you just have to sit back like, ‘You know what? We’ve done well.’”

Facebook / Vicky Piper

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