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Couple’s Instagram Photo Goes Viral And They Have No Idea Why

When Wendy Joseph and Dan Hennessey shared a photo on social media, they had no idea it would gather national attention. Several news outlets began sharing their love story and discussing the photo, but the couple had no idea why… until they finally discovered what everyone saw.

Meeting Each Other Online

While they had mutual friends, Wendy and Dan didn’t meet each other until Dan sent her a Facebook message in 2006. He liked her photos and wanted to meet more friends outside of his college acquaintances. She saw that they shared mutual friends, so she decided to give it a try.

@ohwendyoh via Instagram

They eventually met each other at a party and there was instant chemistry. Six months later, they were ready to become a couple. They dated for seven years before Wendy finally made a painful decision.

Going On A Break

Wendy realized that she didn’t know who she was as an individual. She was “Dan’s girlfriend” and he was “Wendy’s boyfriend.” The couple decided to break up to search for their individual selves.

@shotsofhennessey via Instagram

During this time, Wendy began a YouTube channel, Wendy’s Curls. She gave hairstyling tips and uploaded popular beauty tutorials. After discovering she loved YouTube, Wendy knew she had found herself.

It wasn’t long before Dan and Wendy got back together and they’ve been a couple ever since!

The Infamous Photo

Dan began appearing in Wendy’s YouTube videos, and the couple gathered a lot of social media followers. On their 10-year anniversary, Wendy decided to upload a side-by-side photo on Instagram. The photo on the left was of the couple when they first started dating 10 years ago, and the photo on the right was a current photo.

@ohwendyoh via Instagram

The photo gained over 60,000 likes and major news outlets began writing about the photo. Dan and Wendy had no idea why people liked the photo until they read the comments. Their followers were amazed at the couple’s anti-aging process. The couple in the current photo somehow looks younger than the photo they took 10 years ago!

Dan and Wendy laughed at the comparison and decided to travel the world together— as a now-engaged couple! We look forward to seeing how the couple looks in 20 years.

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