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Study Reveals Couples Who Make Fun Of Each Other Have Stronger Relationships

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It doesn’t seem healthy for couples to make fun of each other. If your significant other wears socks with sandals, it’s easy to tease them. But contrary to what you probably think, a new study revealed that couples who frequently tease each other actually have healthier relationships. Yes, you read this correctly.

Be Careful About It

The study from Appalachian State University concluded that teasing your partner [and having them tease you back] is healthy for your relationship. But, you need to be careful. Teasing has to be done strategically. You should only tease your partner all in the name of good fun, not to hurt their feelings. “Make sure that not only your personalities mesh, but your humors do too—so no one takes offense, feels hurt, or gets defensive,” says celebrity dating coach and podcast host of Man Whisperer, Laurel House.

In other words, you need to use your common sense on when it’s appropriate to tease your significant other. Be aware of your tone and feeling. If you tease them about eating their pizza with utensils and they laugh, this is playful fun. However, if you tease them about their career choice, this is dangerous territory. If you start to tease them on every little thing they do, the playful atmosphere in your relationship will start to vanish, and maybe your partner will leave, as well.

Celebrating (And Teasing) Their Quirks

Sometimes, your partner has a weird quirk that is an open invitation for making fun of them. Maybe they whistle while they’re cooking. Maybe they jingle their car keys. Maybe they tap their fingers to the beat of every song they hear on the radio. These quirks are unique to your partner and it’s okay to tease them about the behavior, as long as they know you’re not being hurtful.

“When you roast each other’s quirks, you are effectively pointing out the little, sometimes ignored, sides to your personalities,” says House. “Those quirks tend to be the things that you love the most about your partner.” You can tease them about their whistling, but make sure they know you also love the weird quirk. Your life wouldn’t be the same without the odd habit.

Forming A Deeper Connection

Couples should laugh and have fun in their relationships. The best relationships are when the partners are each other’s best friends and they can share millions of inside jokes together. Because you spend more time together than with other people, you know each other best. You know how your partner incorrectly pronounces certain words, or maybe they don’t know how to properly make their bed. If you choose to laugh about these traits, you’ll create a bond stronger than any other form of human connection.

Reactions To The News

When news articles began reporting that it’s healthy to [safely] roast your partner, social media users reacted to the study. On Twitter, users shared their thoughts, with many saying they already roast their partners on a daily basis. One user [@ItsYoungDav] commented, “If you don’t be roasting your significant other on the daily, you not doing it right.” Another user [@PXCARRILLO] said, “Roasting your significant other is the greatest form of intimacy.”

Other Twitter users were quick to compare this study to an actual relationship—the love between celebrity couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Since their 2012 wedding, the couple has been known to poke fun at each other, especially on social media. Most recently, Reynolds congratulated Lively on her birthday by sharing the worst pictures of her on his Instagram. Several fans and celebrities, including Millie Bobby Brown and Tess Holliday, commented that Reynolds captured Lively’s true essence in the pictures and that she’s still beautiful.

Maybe Reynolds wanted to demonstrate that he loves her, no matter how she looks, but it was also a fun post. Certainly, Lively laughed at the post, knowing her husband’s good humor. Let’s learn to live life like Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively—laughing and loving all year long.

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