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This Dog-Loving Couple’s Project Ensured 100 Senior Dogs Found Welcoming Homes

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It’s no secret that senior pups have a harder time getting adopted than young dogs. Often times, those in shelters end up struggling to find a family to spend their final years with. However, this sweet couple from Clifton, New York have gone out of their way to provide senior canines with happy lives. In 2014, Mariesa and Chris Hughes started The Mr. Mo Project in honor of their late senior dog, Moses, to help senior foster pups find permanent, loving homes.

A Senior Dog-Loving Duo

It was no secret that Mariesa and Chris Hughes were dog-lovers. The incredible couple had cared for numerous pups across the course of their lives. They even had a custom-made bed created to house all of their furry friends at night! Yet one loss completely transformed the way they approached fostering.

Back in 2012, Mariesa and Chris met a dog named Moses. He’d been surrendered to a shelter by his owners due to his old age. At first, they planned to foster Moses, yet quickly fell in love with his kind personality. They adopted Moses and prepared a fantastic few final years for the canine. The proclaimed “elderbull” became a friendly, viral face on Facebook. Unfortunately, Moses’ journey took a devastating turn in 2014.

Honoring Moses’ Legacy

In February of 2014, Moses was diagnosed with spinal cancer. He passed away a couple of months after his initial diagnosis. The costly experience made Mariesa and Chris realize why many people didn’t endeavor to adopt senior dogs: their medical care was too expensive. While they were devastated by the loss of Moses, they made it their mission to support other senior dogs with unique health issues.

Mariesa and Chris reflected on the number of senior dogs who would never leave the shelter due to the high cost of caring for them. They decided to start an organization in Moses’ honor that could ease the cost of caring for a senior pup. A few, short years after starting The Mr. Mo Project Senior Dog Rescue, they completely transformed the lives of hundreds of dogs.

A Life-Saving Project

Through The Mr. Mo Project, Mariesa and Chris vowed to help support the average family in caring for senior dogs. Through their rescue, they promoted the adoption of senior pups by vowing to help cover medical/vet bills. They also helped transport dogs for free and got senior families doggie-service discounts through the organization. Considering how costly vet bills could become while caring for medically sensitive senior dogs, their organization was a life-saver for many old canines.

Moses inspired a project that ensured plenty of other pups would end up in a home as loving as his. Since the start of their rescue, they helped over 100 senior dogs find homes. Thanks to their dedication to covering the cost of pups medical bills, senior dogs began to find homes at astounding rates. All that their new forever families would need to worry about was giving their canines a spectacular rest of their lives!

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