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Boy In Wheelchair Hailed As ‘Cow Whisperer’ Will Make You Feel Inspired Today

There are plenty of highlights to go around at the Iowa State Fair, but this year the signature moment was focused around an 11-year-old boy. Alec Gotto of Dyersville is not your average boy, though.

The young man suffers from a neurological disorder that paralyzed him at eight months. Yet, even that didn’t stop Gotto from leading massive cattle into the Iowa State Fair ring.

Staring Fear In The Face

This year, the fair chose Gotto to lead his giant steer J.D. into the Livestock Pavillion. Despite weighing hundreds of pounds more than the young boy, Gotto calmly rolled in his wheelchair alongside the beast, much to the delight of the audience.

The arena exploded in an array of cheers, finishing with a standing ovation. Doug Bear, director of industry relations for the Iowa Beef Council said it was “one of the top memorable moments of any of the Governor’s Charity Steer Shows I’ve ever coordinated.”

The Cow Whisperer

Alec was tied to J.D. with nothing more than a couple of zip ties. If the animal wanted to take off and run, Alec could be cut free. However, none of that was necessary as J.D. was calmer than usual. Alec’s father Chad calls him the “the cow whisperer,” and said that J.D. was “just a totally different steer when he was with Alec.”

A Bright Future Ahead

Alec expects to compete in many more cattle shows to come. This event at the Iowa State Fair was the fourth time in which Alec and J.D. competed in a little more than a month.

For now, Alec sold J.D. for $11,000 with a record $271,000 gross in the charity auction. The auction benefits the Ronald McDonald House. It will certainly be hard for Alec to top this cattle season, but with his unique abilities and determination, anything is possible.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved