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Employees Give Amazing Surprise To Coworker Who Donated Her Savings

Often times, we get so caught up in our own struggles that we forget to dedicate time to extending support to those around us. However, one woman’s recent act of unbelievable kindness is the epitome of selflessness— and thankfully, her coworkers didn’t let her extreme generosity go unreturned!

Caring Catherine: “An Angel Among Us”

Catherine, a bread-baker, is described as “an angel among us” by her coworkers. She’s got such a vibrant personality that customers who visit the bread shop often ask to see her to soak up some of Catherine’s sweet energy! However, Catherine’s kindness hasn’t made her immune to struggles: A painful accident almost took her life.

Catherine’s Accident: Severely Injured And Totaled Car

Catherine was involved in an awful car accident which shattered bones in her hip and completely destroyed her car. To pay medical bills and get a new vehicle, Catherine began to save her cash and accumulated around $5,000 over time. However, when she met another person in need, she didn’t hesitate to help, as you’ll soon learn.

Unbelievable Kindness: Selflessly Surrendering Her Savings

When one of her coworkers asked her how her car fund was coming along, she told her that she gave it all away. One of Catherine’s friends had recently become a widow and, rather than using the money for her own needs, Catherine surrendered it all to the other woman. This incredible act of generosity left her fellow employees stunned— and they knew they had to find a way to repay her.

Repaying Catherine’s Kindness: Coworkers Come Together

Her entire team came together with their own savings to put towards purchasing Catherine a used car. The salesman was so moved by the caring woman’s story that he decided to pitch in to ensure that they could get her a brand new car! Their actions tried to reflect the charitable spirit of Catherine— and they left her at a loss for words.

Sobbing With Gratitude: Catherine’s Heartwarming Reaction

As soon as Catherine laid her eyes on her car, she broke down into hysterical tears, prompting her coworkers to cry with her! “I knew God had many cars, but I didn’t know he had a new one for me,” she explained tearfully. This incredible chain of events proved one thing that was put best by a fellow employee: “generosity begets generosity!”

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