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Cows Wander Loose On Atlanta Highway After Cattle Truck Accident

From pizza to livestock, large trucks transport all kinds of goods across the country. But what happens when one of these trucks tips over? Well, sometimes it means there is a giant pizza party in the middle of the freeway. Other times, it results in a whole bunch of cows being loose on a Georgia highway.

An Unexpected Occurrence

As a tractor-trailer carrying 70 cows headed down I-285 in Georgia, the driver lost control and rolled over a ramp. The exact location of the accident was a the Cobb-Cloverfield exit, according to the Georgia Department of Transportation. The driver did not report any injuries but was a bit shaken up over the whole thing.

Sadly, this isn’t the first accident of its kind to occur. Nine cattle escaped after two tractor-trailers collided in Texas in April. Hopefully, some new safeguards can be put in place to help prevent these incidents in the future.

A Sad Reality

Unfortunately, ten of the 70 cows passed away during the accident. While we wish all of the cows would have survived, the 60 that are still loose are slowly being herded to safety.

Through an initiative that started with the Atlanta-Journal Constitution and the Georgia DOT, citizens can report or bring in lost cows. However, citizens are advised to use caution when interacting with the livestock.

Crazy Reactions

On a more positive note, the loose cows have brought a sense of humor to those who live in Atlanta. From banks to grocery stores, there are cows literally everywhere.

Citizens of Atlanta need to remember to be careful, though. These cows are likely scared and may act irrationally. If one is spotted, it should be reported immediately. Other than that, have fun counting cows on your way to work and school in the morning!

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