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CPR Instructor Suffering Heart Attack Saved by Student During Training Class

Four months ago, 77-year-old David Knowles was just beginning his first day of CPR class conducted in a local community church in his hometown in Essex, England before sensing an awful feeling and collapsing to the floor.

Despite the strange sensation of weakening, Knowles still managed to follow his instinct to take his own pulse, being a retired nurse. He knew that he was on the verge of a heart attack.

One student asked: “”Are you all right?” to which the still aware Knowles answered: ““I’m not feeling all right at all.”

The quick-witted Knowles immediately cleared it up to the class that what was happening was real and not a mere demonstration. Knowles later on recounted of the fateful day: “The whole group was up on its feet, looking like they weren’t doing very well, either.”

Good thing a student of his, Karol Chew, happened to be a retired nurse herself and was only taking CPR classes as a refresher course. The moment Knowles stopped breathing, Chew immediately performed CPR on him.

Yet before Knowles fell into unconsciousness, he still managed to tell Chew to get an ambulance, clearly stating that he was on the brink of a cardiac arrest from which he may not survive. Among the final words he blurted out before losing consciousness was that he wished his wife, Nova, to be told about his situation, and to remind her to refrain from running. Knowles recalls: “She’d just had her gallbladder out and wasn’t supposed to run.”

Not only that, Knowles also requested Chew to have his dentures removed for safekeeping as he was “beginning to get a bit foggy.” After that, he had to be medically induced into a coma, and regained consciousness two and a half weeks later.

Knowles claims that he owes his life to Chew: “It was quite severe. I was more dead than alive when they got me into hospital.”

Today, Knowles is in impeccable health and even helps as a volunteer at the St. John Ambulance, which is celebrating its 140th anniversary.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved