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5 Creative Home Renovation Designs You’ll Want To Try Right Now

Do you frequently scroll through Pinterest and find one creative idea after another? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Most of us spend hours looking at ways to turn our house into the dream home we have always wanted. Instead of using Pinterest, you’ll want to check out these five ideas to use in your next home renovation project.

Add Colorful Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are usually the first thing to receive some much-needed TLC (tender, loving care) in a home renovation. Instead of opting for the traditional, neutral white or wood cabinets, add bright colors. Cobalt blue is a popular design trend and it’ll add a splash of color to your kitchen.

More Shiplap, Please

Chip and Joanna Gaines popularized shiplap on their HGTV design show, Fixer Upper. Since then, everyone wants shiplap in their homes. If you love shiplap, take it to the next level by adding it to your bedroom as a creative accent wall. Everyone could use a little bit of country rustic charm.

Add A Room Divider

If you live in an open-concept house or apartment, you might want to create some division between the kitchen and living space without adding a wall. One way to accomplish this is to add a decorative room divider. This geometric bookshelf works as a room divider, but it’s also a beautiful furniture piece.

Plenty Of Storage

Do you live in a small house? Are you running out of places for storage? Don’t worry; you can turn your staircase into the perfect place for additional storage. A custom staircase with hidden storage drawers could be the answer to all your troubles. Guests wouldn’t even know the drawers are there.

Have An Indoor Garden

If your living space needs something new and fresh, you’re in luck. You can add greenery to any living space to give it a new life. You can turn a windowsill into a small garden, or you can add a large patch of greenery in your living room. Just make sure you water the plants. They’re now a part of your home.

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