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Creative Kansas Man Throws Hilarious 3rd Anniversary Party For An Unrepaired Pothole

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It’s no secret that when it comes to road work and city projects, some things fall through the cracks. Often times, potholes don’t get the much-needed attention that they deserve to keep people safe on the road. However, instead of getting bitter about a pothole on his street, Frank Sereno from Kansas decided to throw a three-year birthday party for the deep dip in the road. His hilarious celebration seemed to finally get the city’s attention. However, his spirit for the pothole’s party didn’t stop once the poor crater was repaired.

Trying to get a pothole filled

Hitting a pothole is arguably one of the worst parts of driving. It can damage your tires, cause you to skid, or, at the very least, annoy you for the rest of the day. One such pothole, located in Kansas City, was stuck in the neighborhood of Frank Sereno, who witnessed the atrocious crater in the road each time he went out. When Sereno and his neighbors tried to get the pothole filled in by the city, the public works department ignored their many pleas to resolve the issue. Considering that Sereno’s neighborhood was full of potholes (exacerbated by the previous winter’s cold weather), most people living there weren’t happy about the massive pothole’s continual presence. While many of his neighbors were likely more enraged than anything, Sereno took the third-anniversary of the pothole in good spirits. He came up with a creative way to lift people’s spirits about the unattractive blemish in the pavement.

A creative approach to getting attention

When the pothole reached its third year of existence, Sereno decided to throw a fairly humorous event in its occasion: a birthday party. Sereno didn’t just announce the pothole’s birthday and poke fun at the neighborhood landmark. He went all out, purchasing a birthday cake and candles for the pothole. He placed the cake inside of the two-foot-wide, three-inch-deep dip and took a funny photograph of the unrepaired pavement, posting it on Facebook. Within hours, an outpouring of support for Sereno and his pothole pleas came pouring in. Sereno was grateful for everyone who drew attention to the issue, as he was eager to elevate his neighbor’s voices. “We have to be as creative as we can to get things fixed,” he shared. Luckily for him, his unique approach to advocating for road repair was noticed by the city, and they got to work fixing the ugly spot of damage. However, Sereno didn’t stop supporting the pothole’s development after it had been filled.

A hilarious graduation party for the pothole

After the pothole was filled, Sereno decided to throw another pothole party in the covered pothole’s honor. That time, he decided to celebrate its graduation from an ugly dip in the road to a clean piece of pavement. On his Facebook, he wrote a hilarious invitation to his neighbors to join the graduation celebration. Entitling the party “A Waldo Pothole Celebration: Have your cake and eat it, too!”, Sereno wrote:

“Pothole has been repaired! To celebrate, my fellow Waldo neighbors are warmly invited to the Waldo Pothole ‘Graduation’ Ceremony on July fifth, two thousand nineteen, at five o’clock in the afternoon at the corner of 83rd and Cherry Street, Kansas City, Missouri, 64131. Cake and light refreshments will be served. In the event of rain, an alternate date will be announced.”

While his teasing celebrations were all in good fun, Sereno is grateful that his creative approach to getting the city’s attention paid off. He’s been living in his neighborhood for the last 20 years and has filed hundreds of reports for city works projects that have gone unanswered until now. He does hope that it’ll be a bit easier to get potholes filled in the future. He doesn’t want to have to throw a party for every public works project that needs completing!

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