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5 Creative Workouts For People Who Don’t Like Traditional Cardio Exercises

When it comes to cardio, not many people can say they truly enjoy that side of the fitness spectrum. Running on the treadmill for 30 minutes just isn’t very exciting. Still, getting your heart rate up has a slew of benefits, from building endurance to shedding fat. Here are five ways you can get in that work and still have fun:

Weighted Box Jumps

Jumping not only increases strength and muscle tone, but blast calories and melt fat. To do a box jump, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and jump onto a box. Step back down to land softly and avoid injury. Don’t have a box? No problem. Use a bench or even a set of bleachers.

Agility Ladder and Suicide Sprints

Using an agility ladder improves speed, agility, and quickness . . . but it’s so fun, you won’t even notice you’re doing any work. Even better? It burns some serious calories. For maximum effectiveness, try stepping fast through an agility ladder then going straight into suicide sprints. Start out by sprinting 15 feet and back, then 30, then 45, and keep adding on distance as you go.

Sled Push Or Pull

Sled pulling and pushing requires some serious effort, and it helps develop strength in the glutes, calves, hamstrings, quads and core. Whew! It should go without saying that all that work also improves your aerobic conditioning. To start, attach a rope to the end of a sled, sprint out while pulling the sled 15 feet, then turn around and push the sled back.

Battle Ropes

Battle ropes are often thought of as an upper body exercise, but they actually work your abs, back, and glutes in addition to your arms. You can incorporate movements such as jumps and squats to work your legs and add in a little cardio as well. A 10-minute bout of training will lift your heart rate and result in a quality full-body workout.

Tire Flips

Flipping tires is crazy fun and it’s a crazy-good workout. Flipping is the perfect way to work your posterior chain, like your hamstrings and back, plus, at 100 to 500 pounds each, moving those tires really gets your heart going. For proper form, keep your weight in your heel and your arms outside your legs, then squat down and lift the tire from underneath.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved