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Man Approaches A Creepy Manor In France And Can’t Believe What He Finds

Vacant Photography, based in the Netherlands, is interested in abandoned, creepy buildings. When they hear of a building that piques their interest, they travel there to take photographs of the decay and the beauty that once was. One particular manor in France caught them by surprise when they walked inside.

Long Abandoned

When the photographers approached the building in France, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The manor was abandoned and dark. The outside was dingy, and the landscape was overgrown. Clearly, no one had lived here in a long time.

He made his way up the broken front steps and opened the black front door.


A Lovely Foyer

The photographer walked through the door and onto a two-toned tile floors. The walls were ivory with lovely detailing and wainscoting. A plant stood on a column to the right and there were coats and hats hung on hooks in the foyer beneath a chandelier. The house wasn’t dark and decayed at all. In fact, it felt warm and inviting.

Facebook: Vacant Photography

A Music Room

Through window-pained doors, the photographer stepped into a room wallpapered in green with white pinstripes. A grand piano filled part of the room and a music book was still on the stand, opened to the most recent piece played by the last inhabitant of the abandoned manor. Pictures covered the walls and clutter was on the chair in the corner.

All the details added to the liveliness of a place that looked so desolate.

Facebook: Vacant Photography

A Mysterious Bathroom

The blue and white bathroom particularly interested the artist taking the pictures. As he entered the room, he noticed tiles under the sink had fallen to the floor. It was one of the first signs of decay within the home. Perfumes and soaps were lined up above the sink and shoes were left right outside of the bathtub. The curtains were drawn open to let the sunlight in and bring life to the deserted room.

Facebook: Vacant Photography

A Quick Getaway

Aside from the care and beauty showed throughout the rest of the house, the most interesting room had to be the bedroom. It was simple and understated. The interesting things were the items on the bed. If you look, you’ll see photos, papers, and a satchel. It looks as though someone was packing for a quick getaway.

Whatever happened in this home to make the owners leave in such a hurry will never be known, but what a beautiful surprise to leave for the photographers who dared to enter the grungy manor.

Facebook: Vacant Photography

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