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Crew Finds Dog Stuck In Tar, Saves Him Just In Time

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Dogs love to run free, sometimes getting themselves into trouble by making a mess. But in May 2019, a dog in Suwalki, Poland found himself stuck in thick, black tar and he couldn’t free himself from the sticky puddle. He barked for attention and luckily, he was rescued before it was too late. But who found him and what did they have to do to save the dog’s life?

Finding The Dog

A group of construction workers was walking next to a wooded area in Suwalki, Poland when they heard a dog barking nonstop. They knew the dog was calling for help and they quickly moved in the direction of the barking. They weren’t going to give up until they found the dog, but when they discovered him, they were shocked by what they found.

As they approached the dog, they realized why the dog was calling for help. Right before them, the dog was stuck in a thick puddle of black tar. He was unable to move, and he understandably appeared distressed. The workers did their best to remove him from the tar, but they ultimately had to contact rescuer Joanna Godlewska from the Niczyje Animal Foundation.

Racing To The Rescue

Once Godlewska received the phone call from the workers, she raced to the scene, knowing she couldn’t waste any time. She didn’t know what to expect, commenting, “When I finally arrived and saw a dog lying in the tar, tears came to my eyes.” While Godlewska and her team of rescuers, including a crew from the local fire department, were working on the dog, they had their questions about how the dog even managed to get stuck in the tar.

They finally arrived at the conclusion that the dog had been abandoned and was seeking warmth. He walked into the illegally-dumped tar without realizing it and when he laid down atop it, he became stuck and couldn’t stand up. No one knows how long the dog was stuck in this sticky situation, but he wouldn’t have survived very long if the workers didn’t find him.

The rescuers had no idea how long the dog was trapped in the tar, but once they began working on freeing him, the dog perked up with hope. They freed him by cutting away the majority of the tar-gripped portions of the dog’s fur. They even used cooking oil to loosen the rest of the fur from the tar. While they worked, the dog waited patiently. Godlewska said, “He understood that we were saving him.”

Treating Him

After he was freed, more work was necessary. The dog was rushed to a local veterinary hospital, where he was treated for exhaustion and the remaining tar was scrubbed away from his fur. Apart from a few injuries to his face, the dog was still in relatively good health. Since those days, the dog has remained healthy. Godlewska commented, “He feels better and better.” But now the dog has another reason to feel better: he was rescued after the incident.

Finding A New Home

While staying at the veterinary hospital, Godlewska decided to give the dog a formal name—Farcik. She knew she couldn’t send him back to the streets, so she decided to adopt him into her home until she can find a permanent place for him. “I just wanted to save him,” she said. “Thank you to everyone who saved this dog.”

Godlewska probably didn’t expect to fall in love with a dog, but that was before Farcik came into her life. His will to live and perky attitude is enough for anyone to fall in love with him, and Godlewska is confident she’ll find the perfect home for him. Until then, she’s content keeping him and making sure he never finds himself in another sticky situation.

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