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Someone Invented ‘Croc Gloves’ And The Internet Isn’t Sure How It Feels About Them

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Crocs brand decided to design a line of handwear instead of shoewear? We haven’t either. However, a hysterical inventor from Vermont decided to reimagine a classic pair of Crocs as a set of gloves. In July of 2019, inventor Matt Benedetto, who takes pride in creating “unnecessary inventions,” designed and 3D printed the first pair of Croc gloves in the world. The images of the goofy gloves went viral, and most people were either baffled or appalled by the fact that Benedetto would produce a product that perverts the original Croc shoe in such a hilarious yet terrifying way. Would you know what to do with these kooky pair of porous gloves?

The Cult Of Croc-lovers

Let’s face it: Crocs are THE shoes of the 2000s. Everyone and their dentist invested in a pair of the squishy, foam clogs. Structurally, Crocs are the perfect the shoe. You can wear them in any weather, they’re breathable and soft, and you can get them in a variety of colors and styles to match any outfit. Unfortunately, despite selling a monumental number of shoes in their hay-day, Crocs fell out of mainstream style in the mid-2000s. However, Croc-enthusiasts have still remained devoted to the Croc brand. The shoe fandom has pressed on to encourage the Crocs company to continue to produce products, including Croc heels, flats, clothing, and more. In recent years, the company has teamed up with musical artists, sports stars, and celebrities to advertise Crocs and release their own lines of the cult shoes, including Post Malone and Zooey Deschanel. Other companies and designers have produced numerous products based on Crocs, such as handbags, bobbleheads, and dog beds. This is to say: Croc shoes have no shortage of admirers. One funky inventor took his admiration for the unique shoes to the next level. Why not match the perfect shoe with a perfect set of gloves?

For my newest unnecessary invention I am equally disgusted yet in love. I made the first ever pair of Crocs Gloves. from r/funny

A Strange Take On The Classic Clogs

Matt Benedetto isn’t your typical product designer. While he does take his day-job seriously, he also proudly produces what he refers to as “unnecessary inventions.” On his creative Instagram, @unnecessaryinventions, he has over 265k followers and boasts that he develops “fake products for the world’s problems that don’t exist.” Benedetto has created a toothbrush that straps to your chin, wrench/screwdriver nail extensions, telescope glasses, lukewarm coffee in a bottle, and more. The quirky inventor already receives plenty of love for the majority of his inventions. However, one of his recent unnecessary creations has his followers more baffled and amazed than usual. Most people seem to be having trouble deciding if this invention is absolutely hilarious or too bizarre for their taste. At the end of the day, it’s a bit hard to decode the purpose of these odd gloves, but they sure will make a die-hard Croc-lover happy.

Croc Gloves: His Most Useless (And Hilarious) Creation

You heard it here, folks: Croc gloves are now real. Benedetto created the first and only pair of DIY Croc gloves on his 3D-printer. He described them on Instagram, saying, “Crocs Gloves™️ Your dad’s favorite shoes are now available for your hands. The first-ever pair of Crocs Gloves feature all the best things from the shoes, including that thick foam material and safety strap. Start getting all your household chores done in style.” You may think these sound hilariously useless, and you are absolutely right. We’re not sure what sorts of chores you can do with those clunkers on! However, plenty of people got a laugh (or a horrified scream) out of Benedetto’s shoes. Acquiring nearly 47k likes on Instagram, Benedetto’s Croc gloves drew in a mix of praise and controversy. Original Croc fan and Instagram user @xbebbux said, “This shouldn’t be existing. Even the feet crocs are disgusted by this abomination.” User @tylertheconspiracy wrote, “Everyday we stray further and further from God.” Ouch.

However, despite the criticism, Benedetto’s Croc gloves have received their fair share of praise. One Instagram user, @robnailer1, wrote, “As as a dad I support these 110%.” Another user, @northriser, said, “I would actually buy this if they were available in anywhere,” and @dinosaur.child shared, “how dare you call this unnecessary.” For reasons beyond those who find these gloves to be something other than atrocious, the product isn’t currently endorsed by the Crocs brand. Who knows what could happen if enough Croc-lovers begged the company to make Benedetto’s product hit the shelves of stores? Despite the polarized opinions from the Croc fandom about the odd invention, we have to give Benedetto a hand for creating both the funniest and most useless product to date.

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