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Crucial Life Hacks You Must Try Out

It’s always fascinating to see how super simple tricks can make your life so much easier. From tech hacks like using a twist tie to keep unruly chords together to using removable sticky wall mounts to declutter your cabinet space, there are so many clever tips to try out! Check out these five super random hacks you must test ASAP.

No More Stubborn Labels

One of the most annoying things in life that you’re bound to face is trying to get those unbelievably sticky labels off of your brand new housewares. But there’s an easy solution! If you need to remove stubborn labels off of ceramic or glass, just soak them in warm water with a scoop of oxi-clean and voila! Those labels should peel right off.

Hack For The Holidays

If you’re someone who loves to decorate for the holidays, this hack is most definitely for you. When putting those ornaments or autumnal wicker creations in your favorite centerpiece vase, you don’t need to use all of the decorations. Simply a cardboard tube (from a paper towel or TP roll) in the middle to limit the amount of filler!

Maximize Your Scoops

Ice cream shop workers abide by a golden rule of making symmetrical scoops. We’re not saying to take advantage of that fact… but you can use it to your advantage! Order a single scoop in your cone, and then say you’d like to add a second scoop. They have to match the size of the scoop so you get much more ice cream!

Quiet Down Noisy Doors

Doors that slam or make noise when the air kicks on, causing you to jump at every turn, can now be easily fixed. Just use the little foam stoppers designed for the doors on your cabinet! Place cabinet bumpers on the door stop molding to provide just the right amount of cushion to quiet down noisy doors.

Put A Cork In It

This last hack is actually a three-in-one! Corks are extremely versatile and can be used in a multitude of ways. Slice one down the middle and use it as a bag clip. Cut a cork into tiny discs to create chair leg pads. Or, keep discarded corks in a small canning jar with 90% rubbing alcohol and use them as convenient firestarters. So many hacks!

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