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Fellow Passengers Spot A Crying Soldier And Fight To Delay The Flight

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crying soldier crying

It was just another normal day at the Dallas-Fortworth International Airport. At least up until the point when the airport staff noticed a sobbing soldier sitting in the corner with his eyes glued to his phone. It wasn’t long after they spotted him that someone cried out, “Don’t let him board the flight!”

A Normal Day At The Airport

The day started just like any other at the Dallas-Fortworth International Airport on May 4, 2018. However, by that evening the airport staff members and passengers alike would witness something that they would never forget. Sitting against the wall in an airport terminal was a soldier decked out in army fatigues and sobbing into his mobile phone.

Crying Soldier

Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey / Facebook

As concerned airport staffers began to approach the crying soldier, they suddenly heard a voice cry out, “Don’t let him on that flight!” From that moment onward, the passengers who’d been waiting to board were doing whatever they could to keep that plane on the ground.

Love and Harmony In The Beginning

Going back to 2015, Brooks Lindsay could have never envisioned himself sporting army fatigues and weeping in the center of the Dallas-Fortworth International Airport. At that point, he was a mere civilian from Jackson, Mississippi, with dreams of battlefield glory.

Young couple

Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey / Facebook

Since childhood, Lindsay had wanted nothing more than a life in the U.S. Army and he rigorously trained daily to accomplish this goal. While working toward making his dreams come true, Brooks met Haley. There was an instant connection between the two and they quickly fell in love. 2017 would prove to be a life changing year for both of them in more ways than one.

Baby On The Way

2017 would end with a bang for the young couple. Not only did Brooks accomplish his lifelong dream of finally enlisting in the U.S. Army, but he also proposed to his girlfriend Haley. Upon getting married, the two had no idea that Haley was pregnant, but once they found out they excitedly spread the news around to all their family and friends.

Crying soldier married

Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey / Facebook

Brooks immediately went into supportive husband mode and accompanied his pregnant wife to all of their baby classes and routine doctor’s appointments. During one of Haley’s ultrasound appointments, their doctor would shine a light on some very important news for the couple.

It’s a Baby Girl!

During the ultrasound, the doctor revealed to the couple that they would be having a baby girl. Brooks and Haley were ecstatic. In fact, knowing the baby’s gender made their future family feel even more real for the couple. For the first time in years, Brooks found that military service was a secondary thought in his life.

crying soldier's wedding

Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey / Facebook

Despite Brooks finding himself heavily emotionally invested in his growing family, something would soon happen that would disrupt Haley’s smooth pregnancy. Amid all of the excitement over their soon-to-arrive little girl, a call would come in that would quickly turn Brooks’ world upside down.

A Soldier’s Duty

Just as Brooks was settling into the wonder of impending fatherhood, duty called to rain on the couple’s parenthood parade. The young man would soon find himself serving in the 2nd Battalion, 114th Field Artillery Regiment. Sadly, the army base where he’d be doing his training wasn’t an ideal hour away from Jackson, but all the way in Fort Bliss, Texas.

crying soldier and wife

Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey / Facebook

What made his departure to the army so much harder was that Haley was seven months along in her pregnancy. Brooks was so close to witnessing the birth of his daughter and now that dream was completely shattered. Yet, that wasn’t even the brunt of their woes. Brooks found that after his training, he’d be sent somewhere very far away.

High Possibilities of Missing The Birth

When it came to the possibility of witnessing his daughter’s birth, the cards seemed highly stacked against the young soldier. Brooks found out that he was being deployed to Kuwait for nine months after training. Although she was disappointed, Haley was completely supportive of her husband’s army service. She knew that his duty to his country came first and that his job would come with some sacrifices.

Crying Soldier not crying

no  Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey / Facebook

Despite feeling saddened about the probability of missing his daughter’s birth, Brooks was actually pretty enthused to be getting his army service underway. Before the two entered their next chapters, they decided to make one last decision together regarding their daughter.

The Name They Loved Most

Before taking off to Fort Bliss, the couple decided that they would name their daughter Millie. It was a name that the two of them loved and had shortlisted in the past. Upon deciding on the name, Brooks kissed his wife goodbye and left to embark on his boyhood dream.

Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey / Facebook

Despite the heartache that came with her husband being gone, Haley’s pregnancy pushed forward smoothly for the first month of his absence. Millie continued to grow healthy and strong inside of her. However, things would take a turn they couldn’t have foreseen. One of Hayley’s doctor appointments would end in some very unexpected news.

Haley’s Pregnancy Problems

Up to that point in the pregnancy, Haley had been doing fine. But, one doctor appointment would end in some very alarming news. The doctor revealed to Haley that her blood pressure was a bit higher than it ought to be.


Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey / Facebook

While Haley did feel a little nervous about her high blood pressure, she otherwise felt pretty healthy. Yet, the doctor assured her that if her blood pressure got any higher, it could have some effects on her and the baby’s health. While rarely are there plus sides to being ill while pregnant, Haley actually saw a positive in her high blood pressure.

Planning Brooks’ Release

It isn’t very common that a soldier is released to witness the birth of his child. In order to make something like that happen, the soldier needs to get special permission from the Red Cross. While that might not seem like a major conquest, it’s actually quite difficult. The Red Cross needs to feel that the reason is valid.

crying soldier

Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey / Facebook

Haley’s high blood pressure seemed like it would be just what Brooks needed in order to make it home for the birth. They began brainstorming a way to convince the Red Cross to release him. During an interview with the popular online blog Love What Matters, Haley said, “Brooks and I have been practicing my call to the Red Cross because we heard it was really hard to get men home for births and we were told the only way it would actually work is if I was in distress.” Even after practicing, things wouldn’t be that easy for the couple.

Not a Valid Reason

While the couple fought hard on both sides for Brooks’ release, it wasn’t going to happen. Ultimately, the Red Cross did not see her high blood pressure as a valid reason for release. Looking back, Haley revealed the following to Love What Matters, “We were pretty upset about that, because I was not having any issues with pregnancy other than a little high blood pressure.”

crying soldier couple

Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey / Facebook

A week away from Millie’s anticipated due date Haley would be at the hospital for another routine checkup. While there, the doctor would discover something that would concern her deeply, but in Haley’s eyes was a blessing. Still, this blessing wouldn’t come without a possible expense.

Just Seemed Like a Routine Check Up

With her due date only days away, Haley had accepted that Brooks wouldn’t be able to witness his daughter’s birth. Then, a routine doctor’s appointment would change everything for the couple. As the doctor looked her over, he noticed that her blood pressure had shot through the roof.

Young couple

Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey / Facebook

The doctor began running an array of tests on her. They then sent her home and told her to await their call. While this possibly meant that Brooks would be able to come home for the birth of his daughter, it also could mean something very worrying for their rapidly arriving daughter.

Baby At Serious Risk

While she was excited that her husband might be able to make it to the birth, she was also seriously concerned for baby Millie. High blood pressure during pregnancy can mean a number of worrying complications for both the mother and baby.

Baby Millie

Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey / Facebook

During pregnancy, high blood pressure can result in extra stress on the heart and kidneys. Furthermore, it has also been known to lead a mother to heart disease, kidney disease and a high possibility of stroke. When it comes to the baby, high blood pressure may restrict nutrients and result in an undersized and very stressed out baby. Not long after coming home, Haley’s phone began to ring.

The Baby Needs To Come Out Now

The news over the phone was urgent, as her doctor had called to inform her that her high blood pressure was putting a significant amount of stress on the baby. In fact, Haley had become preeclamptic. This is what happens when a pregnant woman has swelling in the feet and hands and has a high level of protein in her urine.

baby shower

Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey / Facebook

Given the high health risks the baby was facing, the doctor told her that she needed to come to the hospital within the hour. The baby had to come out of her as soon as possible. Before heading out, Haley called Brooks in a frantic state and told him everything. His reaction caught her completely off guard.

Brooks Was Overjoyed

Despite his wife’s serious condition, Brooks was pretty happy. Her high blood pressure would mean that he could leave the barracks behind and head home to be by her side during labor. After talking to her husband, Haley called up the Red Cross and told them about her current situation. The doctor clarified that it was an emergency situation and Brooks’ release was secured.

Crying soldier

Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey / Facebook

He was now permitted to leave the army base and head back to Jackson, Mississippi. However, getting home wasn’t as easy as buying a one way plane ticket from El Paso to Jackson. Given that everything was happening in such short notice, flying home would prove to be a race against time.

Flight Complications

While searching for a last minute flight from El Paso to Jackson, it quickly became apparent that everything for that day had long been booked. Brooks had no other choice than to book a flight for 10 a.m. the next morning. To make matters worse, the flight would have a layover in Dallas and that plane wouldn’t take off until 3:55 p.m.

Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey / Facebook

Brooks sat there at the airport overcome with an array of fraught emotions. All the while, Haley was in the hospital surrounded by medical staff and family. Somehow, just when the situation seemed like it couldn’t get any more urgent, it did.

Haley’s Water Breaks

While Brooks was impatiently waiting in the El Paso airport, Haley’s water broke — she was officially in labor. In an interview she did with Love What Matter Haley recalled, “Friday morning my water was broken at 7 am, and Pitocin (a drug often used in births) began.”

Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey / Facebook

If ever there was a time for someone to be antsy, this was it. The baby could come out at any moment and Brooks still had a whole three hours of waiting to get through before he could even board his first flight. When he did finally make it to Dallas, he took a huge sigh of relief. But Brooks sighed too soon, as smooth sailing was not in this man’s future.

Badly Timed Flight Delay

Right upon his arrival in Dallas, Brooks rushed to call Haley for an update on the baby. She was five centimeters dilated. He scurried over to his terminal as quickly as he could. While the soldier was clearly losing his race against time, he was still holding out hope that somehow he’d make it to see his daughter’s birth.

crying soldier crying

Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey / Facebook

That hope would quickly be shattered when it was announced that his flight to Jackson had been delayed by two hours. In that moment Brooks’ fate was pretty much sealed. The soldier slumped up against a wall in the terminal and pulled out his phone to update Haley on his situation. His spirits might have been down, but things weren’t as bleak as they seemed.

The Time Is Now!

Minutes before Brooks was scheduled to board the plane to Jackson, the doctor informed Haley that the baby was coming out now. He then asked most of the family to leave with the exception of two individuals of Haley’s choice. She decided that it was only fitting to have her mother and her mother-in-law present during the birth.

Haley in hospital

Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey / Facebook

Meanwhile, Brooks remained slumped against the wall at the Dallas-Fortworth International Airport. He had now accepted that he wouldn’t witness the birth of his child, but at least he’d get to meet her at the hospital. Determined not to see her son miss out on the birth, Brooks’ mom Teresa came up with a plan that would allow him to witness the birth from the airport.

FaceTiming In Secret

When Haley started going into labor, one of the doctors made it pretty clear that there would be no video calls allowed during the delivery process. Regardless of the rules, Teresa would not let her son miss out on the birth of his daughter Millie.

crying soldier crying

Tracy Dover / Facebook

She hid the phone halfway under her sweater and secretly FaceTimed Brooks. He couldn’t help but be moved to tears upon seeing his family in that hospital room. While Teresa was being very slick with the phone, her actions started becoming obvious as the birth progressed and soon the doctor spotted her video chatting with Brooks.

Noticing Some Strange Behavior

Despite being occupied with Haley, the doctor couldn’t help but notice that Teresa was behaving rather strangely. He confronted her and she quickly revealed Brooks’ expressive face on her phone screen. He gave the phone a quick look and immediately proceeded with the delivery.

crying soldier in shock

Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey / Facebook

It had been another doctor that told them about the restriction. This doctor knew about Brooks’ situation and fully supported having him on video chat. This really brought about a sense of relief to everyone in the room. However, just as the situation became less tense in Jackson, things began to take a bad turn in Dallas.

Brooks By Her Side

Backed against a wall at the Dallas-Fortworth International Airport, Brooks began taking in the full view of his daughter Millie being born. He couldn’t stop his emotions from running wild as Haley screamed on the other end of the phone. Like any good husband, he began instructing her to breath and push.

crying soldier

Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey / Facebook

Just as Millie’s delivery was at its most exciting, the airport staff announced that the plane for Jackson was now boarding. Brooks suddenly found himself caught between watching his daughter being born and meeting her in the hospital. The lone soldier broke down in tears and the airport staff immediately went to see what was going on with him.

All Aboard To Jackson

As Brooks sat there crying into his phone, the amount of passengers standing in the terminal began to dwindle as they entered the plane. A staff member approached Brooks just as Millie began to crown. The staff worker told him that it was time to enter the plane to Jackson. Brooks had never felt so torn in his life.

Crying soldier can't believe his eyes

Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey / Facebook

At that moment, the doctor yelled into the phone, “Don’t let him board the plane.” It didn’t take long for the remaining passengers to figure out the situation. While most would probably expect them to feel inconvenienced and angry over an already delayed flight being further postponed, these passengers decided to take action.

Passengers Try To Delay The Flight

In order to help the soldier see the birth of his daughter, the passengers began doing whatever they could to keep that plane on the ground. One of the passengers actually had enough nerve to approach the flight staff and demand that the flight process be slowed down.

baby of crying soldier

Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey / Facebook

Brooks absolutely couldn’t slow things down anymore and announced to his family that he’d have to hang up. At that moment the doctor began screaming, “Don’t let him board the flight! She’s here! She’s here!” The tears that were trailing down Brooks’ face suddenly subsided and were replaced with a huge smile. With that, the airport staff did something that was completely unexpected.

The World Welcomes Millie

The airport staff decided to hold back the already delayed flight and let the soldier joyfully witness the birth of his daughter. Millie Fritz Anne Lindsay was brought into this world at approximately 5:23 pm on May 4, 2019. The elation that Brooks felt upon seeing his daughter spread throughout the entire airport terminal.

Crying soldier

Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey / Facebook

While Haley sat with her arms tightly wrapped around her new daughter, she heard a sound over FaceTime that didn’t make any sense to her at all. The response made by the passengers surrounding her husband was unbelievable. It was a moment that was straight out of a romantic comedy.

The Airport Reacts

As Millie was born, Haley could hear a long applause erupt from behind her husband. Millie’s birth wasn’t just a magic moment for the young couple, but also one for the staff and passengers alike at the Dallas-Fortworth International Airport.

Crying soldier

Haley Fritz Anne / Facebook

When all was said and done, Haley revealed to Love What Matters that the delay was actually for the best. She said, “Honestly it was a blessing that he was delayed because he would’ve been in the air and he wouldn’t have known anything at all.” A few quick hours later, Brooks arrived at the Jackson hospital and in an emotional embrace was able to hold his daughter for the first time.

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