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Users Tipped Off To Cryptocurrency Scam After Hilarious Photo Mistake On Site

Hollywood star Ryan Gosling boasts many career achievements and his latest seems to be the ability to bring down a cryptocurrency scam just with his face. A Chinese company called Miroskii recently promoted a new cryptocurrency, which they called a “rival to Bitcoin,” and raised a whopping $830,000 in initial coin offering. But more interesting was the team’s very familiar head designer.

Ryan Or Kevin?

The company website for Miroskii has a page with headshots of the team, including lead designer “Kevin Belanger.” However, the photo for Kevin happens to look just like the La La Land star. Kevin’s career is only described as an “experienced graphic designer with a clear focus on identities and illustration.”

The photo of “Kevin” was a stock image of the actor that already appears on hundreds of web pages. Whoever made the profile must be one of the few people on the planet who doesn’t know Ryan Gosling.

Gosling Red Flag

The fake profile was first noticed by a Twitter user, who posted a screenshot of the Gosling red flag online and warned others about the scam. After further investigation, users on Twitter and Reddit found most of the other profiles are also fake.

No more Hollywood stars, though. Either the images are from stock libraries or are have been taken from profiles of people with different names and no connection with Miroskii or cryptocurrencies.

Shady Behavior

There were a few other clues that Miroskii was a scam. Aside from the suspicious team, the company didn’t have any information for investors about what exactly the cryptocurrency was but promised a “white paper” was on its way.

They claimed their coin would offer users their own “decentralized bank” much like bitcoin, as well as credit and debit cards supported by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. After the Gosling reveal, the Miroskii company was quickly identified as a scam and disappeared from the internet. Despite how suspicious it looked, it did manage to secure nearly $1 million in investment before being brought down.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved