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This Cuddly Pair Of Selfie-Loving Red Pandas Will Melt Your Heart

Animal celebrities, Makalu and Shifu are downright adorable, playful, and curious. Ever since the photogenic duo was born on January 14, 2018, they have been melting the hearts of millions worldwide.

The cuddly pair of selfie-loving red pandas spends their time exploring, eating, and playing with their favorite keeper Beth. As a popular attraction to zoo-goers, these striking creatures are eager to encourage the curiosity and wonder of visitors to the Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia.

Thriving In The Face Of Endangerment

The numbers of red panda in the wild number around 10,000. That means that these two lovable red pandas are a symbol of hope for the future of their species. Staff at the Symbio Wildlife Park hope one day that this endearing duo can aid in boosting the population of red pandas on the planet.


Although there are laws in various countries to protect the red panda, they are still under the threat of potentially disappearing from the planet forever. Thanks to rampant deforestation, it has been challenging for red pandas in the wild to propagate.

As healthy and mature residents of the Symbio Wildlife Park, Makalu and Shifu are an essential part of efforts to increase the number of healthy red pandas.

The park is actively involved with a captive breeding program for animals such as the red panda. The survival and wellbeing of Makalu and Shifu are essential to preserving and protecting endangered animals.

If You Love Cute Animal Selfies

Makalu and Shifu are definitely not camera shy. The two have been captured on video and photos, drinking water, and being fed by hand. They’ve also been spotted cuddling up with one another or keepers at the park.


The Internet-famous red pandas have had compilations of their growing up process shared on Facebook, various news outlets, and more.

Cuteness Ambassadors For Environmental Protection

With plenty of cuteness to go around, you can’t help but smile while watching these charming red pandas. Their favorite activities include ambling about tree branches, catching some zzzs, or running around happily.


As some of the most picture perfect representatives to showcase how amazing and fetching red pandas can be, Makalu and Shifu definitely have star-appeal.

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