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People Can’t Believe How Cute These Dog Twins Look Together

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twin dogs

Two dogs are always better than one, but twin dogs are winning by a long shot. These twin dogs are delivering a double dosage of cuteness that continues to melt hearts on social media and around the world. Think your heart can take this amount of adorable?

1. Two Weimaraners Are Better Than One

Meet these adorable twin Weimaraners, named Phoebus and Aquamarine. This dapper duo are all the rage in Japan right now, and from the look of things, they are living the lavish life on a daily basis. What’s more, you can quite literally start and end your day with them.

dog twins


By day, not only are they sitting in some of Japan’s finest diners, but their owners take them on camping trips and long walks in the countryside. Phoebus and Aquamarine also have bedtime pictures taken every night, so you’ll never miss hearing from your two favorite pooches before hitting the sack.

2. The Moscow Muffins

Anyone who follows twins Norma and Alba on Instagram will not only get to see the cuteness of these twin Norwich terriers, but they’ll also have a chance to admire some of Moscow’s most beautiful scenery. With one quick scan through their profile, it’ll become quickly evident that these two terriers are living better than most people.

twin dogs


These high-fashion pups can be seen rocking some of the sleekest doggy sweaters on the market. Their luxury lifestyle doesn’t end there, as their page shows them dining on fancy meals like pancakes and caviar. We’re getting the idea that these pups never had to taste any of that dry stuff sold at pet stores.

3. Double The Cuddles

If there is one dog breed that makes a perfect pet for families with young children, it would have to be a black Labrador. According to Dog Time, these docile dogs are sociable with people, as well as other animals. They’re energetic, athletic, and best of all, you’ll find that labs aren’t very verbal.

twin dogs


Check out these handsome twin black Labradors. While two dogs may sound overwhelming for some, it seems like you’ll only get double the fun with this charming duo. Imagine how nice it would be to see two sweet black Lab eyes looking up at you while you eat your dinner.

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4. Two Ladies, No Tramp

Once upon a time, the cocker spaniel was considered the most popular dog breed in America. So it makes total sense that a cocker spaniel was chosen as the star of Disney’s Lady and the Tramp. The breed comes with a cuteness that can’t be denied — just get a load of these twin cocker spaniels!

twins dogs


While two dogs may seem overwhelming, twin spaniels will give you true companionship. These yapping beauties need people in their lives, and being left alone can result in them becoming extremely vocal and destructive. However, based on how happy they look, you know these twins are getting plenty of attention.

5. Twin Beagle Babies

These twin beagle puppies are no doubt a dog lover’s dream come true. Beagles were originally bred to hunt rabbits, and we think these twins will make one heck of a team someday. And though these dogs will grow up to be expert trackers in the field of small game hunting, they look as innocent as can be in this picture here.

twin dogs


The beagle twins will best thrive within a big family environment. These cheerful and affectionate little dogs can become very destructive if left alone for too long. So chances are, the more people they have around them in their lives, the happier they’ll be!

6. Double The Pugs, Double The Hugs

Over the past decade, the world has gone positively pug crazy. It probably all started from celebrities like Paris Hilton and Kelly Brook showing off their adorable pug puppies. They also have been favored among other dogs by the advertising industry. For example, Valentine’s Day cards, mugs, and even phone cases are extremely pug-oriented.

twin dogs


These two supremely smushy pug Instagram stars are named Frank and Beans. But before rushing out and adopting a pair of twin pugs, keep in mind that beyond all the heartwarming moments they’ll provide, they can be hard to train. Another thing to keep in mind when owning a pug is that unfortunately, they are notorious for having a slew of health issues.

7. The Sweetest Spaniels In Siam

Given the high humidity of the region, one might expect Thailand to be the worst place for a furry dog breeds like Cavalier King Charles spaniels. However, once you get a load of Gao_Petzter’s twin spaniels on Instagram, you might start second guessing yourself.

twin dogs

gao_petzter / Instagram

Never have you seen a more social pair of Cavaliers. On their page, you can see them in an array of social situations that range from dog shows to just being out at the park with a bunch of other happy-looking puppies. We guess that when a pair of twin dogs are having that much fun, they don’t really mind the hot weather.

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8. High Class Pomeranians

Few pooches have ever been more spoiled than the extra-fuzzy Gilbert and Freddie. Don’t believe it? You can follow the twin Pomeranians on Instagram at Gilbert.Freddie.PomPom and see for yourself. You’ll witness these twin canines riding in classic convertibles and indulging in fancy picnics at the park.

dog twins


When you see just how much they’re brimming with holiday spirit in the picture above, it becomes apparent quite quickly how well these pooches are living. They’re likely going to get more Christmas gifts than the average human child! Just remember: Pomeranians are very high maintenance and Gilbert and Freddie are a testament to that fact.

9. The Perfectly Mixed Twins

While purebred dogs are usually all the rage, these mixed breed twins can steal a dog show any day. When you mix a golden retriever with an English cocker spaniel, you get this delightful doggie duo. Hailing from Japan, twin sisters Crayon and Hachimitsu will show you how beautiful a mixed breed dog can be.

dog twins


The twins may look like pure goldens with their babushka shawls on, but once you get a load of them on Instagram, you’ll see how unique they are. When you add up all the traits of spaniel blended with golden, you’re looking at a gorgeous dog that knows how to bring the fun to any party.

10. Japanese Spitz Twins In Korea

While these twins are Japanese spitz, they’ve taken a slight detour from their homeland. They can be found across the pond in Korea. You can follow the day to day activities of these Japanese spitz on Instagram at ibori_0426. While these dog twins aren’t exactly known for their extravagance, rest assured, they are living good lives.

spitz twin dogs


These two twins reside in an average family home and they’re doing everything you’d expect an average dog to do. According to Dog Time, Japanese spitz make great companions. They are loyal, intelligent and despite their small size, they have all the courage of a watchdog.

11. Two Times The Yapping

If there is one dog breed often described as a handful, it’s the Chihuahua. Rumor has it, they shiver, they yap, and they can be extremely aggressive. On the flip side, they are adorable — and very compact. The twin Chihuahuas pictured above may look very cute in their puppy state, but chances are they’ll soon flood their owner’s life with a consistent flow of yapping.

twin small dogs


If you find yourself needing that quick Chihuahua fix, you’ll want to follow the former owner of these two morsels. You can find him on Instagram under the name Jarickisa. He is a French-Canadian Chihuahua breeder, and living proof as to just how much someone can fall in love with these pocket-sized creatures.

12. A Sister From Another Mister

Of course, not every set of dog twins share the same dog house. Meet this Australian shepherd, a gorgeous Utah native named Juni. Like any typical shepherd dog, Juni is absolutely brimming with intelligence and a ton of energy. She’s blowing Instagram up with plenty of beautiful solo shots.

twin dogs

However, this sweet girl has a twin sister named Tully, who happened to have been adopted by another owner at birth. In the few shots these siblings have together, they look beyond excited to be hanging out. Here’s to hoping that they’ll get plenty of reunions to come in the future.

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13. Twin Companions

According to Canna Pet, husky dogs are playful, athletic, good-natured, and total free spirits. They’re basically everything you’d want in a canine companion. With that in mind, we’re certain that Kai and Mishka’s owner is having the best time a pet owner can hope for.

twin husky


She’s getting double the companionship by having these two amazing dogs. While they aren’t exactly Instagram sensations yet, anyone can tell that these two are well on their way to becoming Internet famous. If you’re in need of a daily dose of cuteness, you’re definitely going to want to keep up with these twin lovebugs.

14. Boxer Brothers

If you ever find yourself in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia (as one does), you just might be fortunate enough to run into the boxer brothers, Klaus and Balu. These twin boxers are taking the world of Instagram by storm, and honestly, how could they not?

Dog twins


While their Instagram page shows nothing but a fun time, don’t think that twin boxers wouldn’t come without a certain amount of work. Boxers are extremely intelligent and have a ton of energy. While full of love, one thing these boxers don’t like is having nothing to do. One has to be on their feet constantly to keep up with one of these dogs.

15. Terrier Twinsies

If one finds themselves in need of a Scottish terrier fix, they might want to think about following laloelora on Instagram. Laura, the owner of the account, is mom to twin Scottish terriers who are providing her with plenty of joy. You’ll find pictures of these cuties at the beach, in the woods, and posing with their beloved mom.

twin canines


Laura’s Instagram doesn’t only bring some serious servings of Scottish terrier action, but she also has a pet rabbit, cat, and hamster. No doubt this young lady has her hands full with animals. Luckily for her, though, Scottish terriers are quite independent. So these twin terriers clearly don’t mind being outside of the spotlight.

16. Eskimo Kisses

These twin American Eskimo dogs are named Jake and Gus. While their breed has a rich history of working farms and performing as circus dogs in the early 20th century, these two are living the lavish life through LexiDog’s Instagram page. LexiDog is a Portland based social club for dogs. Only the most high-class collies are hanging out there.

Twin eskimos


The American Eskimo dog’s name is a bit of a misnomer, because it was originally from Germany and was initially called a German spitz. However, once World War I broke out, everything German became quite unpopular in America, and the name change stuck. But however you call them, one thing is undeniable: they’re adorable.

17. Double The Dachshunds, Double The Demands

For those that know little about the breed, two dachshunds probably look like a puppy paradise. Having a confident little dachshund look up at you with those shimmering eyes is guaranteed to melt your heart. However, two of these dogs can be quite a handful to take care of. Despite dachshunds being independent and clever, they come with some downsides.

twins looking on


These little wiener dogs can be quite mischievous, yappy, and stubborn. So with twin dachshunds, you’re looking at double the antics. That said, if they are in the right environment, these dogs can be quite amazing. You’ll find that dachshunds thrive in a big family atmosphere.

18. The Perfect Canine Twins

If there’s one set of dog twins to own, it’s the Maltese poodle. These sweet-faced balls of fluff completely live up to their image. With its irresistible smile, the Maltese is known for its positive attributes: these dogs aren’t just clever and playful, but they are also extremely affectionate and just want to cuddle.

perfect twins


Who couldn’t be happy with two of these little doggies at both their sides? One of the major upsides behind these twins is that they age very well. For some dogs, their breed’s puppy phase ends quite quickly, but for the Maltese poodle, they keep that puppy presentation well into their teens.

19. Dog Show Twins

Salukis take dogging to a whole new level. They’re not only considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds on Earth, but historically, some cultures even believed them to be a divine gift. Even today, salukis totally lives up to that notion. Most dogs are cute, but these dogs are downright beautiful and majestic.

model twins


You can follow one of these amazing dogs of Instagram under the name saluki_caprice. The dog’s name is Paris and she has caused quite a stir in her local dog shows. Thankfully, Paris isn’t alone in her beauty. She also has an older twin brother, and together, these two twins look like mythical creatures from another dimension.

20. No Photographs Please

Just by looking at this photograph, it’s clear that these two bichon frise twins from South Korea are sick of having their pictures taken all the time. If you check out their account at san.meari, you’ll see dozens upon dozens of these twins posing before the camera.

twin dogs


While their earlier pictures are all smiles, this latest photo gives the impression that the cottony duo have grown weary of all the flashing cameras and the fame. But their behavior probably won’t reflect that, as these canines are extremely gentle and playful. So the last thing that these little softies would do is actually attack the camera!

21. Majestic Twin Poodles

Rarely before has a member of the poodle breed been captured in such a majestic light. The photo in question was taken in Scotland by an Instagrammer by the name of simon.brooksbank. Decked out in all those lovely, shiny black curls set against the blue sky, they look like they aren’t in the mood for a game of fetch.

serious twins


As a breed, poodles are generally considered one of the smartest types of dogs out there, able to easily retain a wide variety of commands. If a poodle is trained to be a stoic dog, you might find that it isn’t about to put its guard down for any old stranger.

22. Twin Babies

Feeling an urge to indulge in puppy cuteness at its absolute earliest stage? Then you’re going to want to follow Teacup Puppy Boutique on Instagram. It features an array of tiny puppies inside of teacups. Can a mix be any more adorable? Amid the many are these twin baby chihuahuas.

twin babies


These two babies may be quiet and teacup-sized now, but they’ll likely grow up to be quite big, or at least they’ll think they’re big in size. These little dogs are known to have giant personalities and they aren’t going to stand down in the presence of dogs that are vastly superior in size.

23. Twins For The Moment

While these two look like identical twins in the weeks after their birth, there is a good chance that they could look completely different as adults. These twin puppies, barely just making an entrance into the world, are still in their developmental stage. It’s a critical time in a puppy’s life.

twin pups


These adorable babies are likely just recognizing what other dogs sound and smell like. This is also a period when their mews begin to morph into actual yaps. We have to wonder what kind of a bond with each other these two are going to demonstrate when they’re older.

24. Double The Rescue Efforts

Who better to rescue someone from the sea’s strong tide than a couple of friendly-looking golden retriever twins? Being both strong and gentle, your life would be pretty safe in their paws. Pictured below are Gauss and Vali, and if you happen to be from New York City, there is a good chance that you might run into these cuties on the subway.

twin goldens


From their social media, you can see that the pretty pair are able to smile through just about any predicament. There are pictures of them sunbathing on the beach alongside ones of them walking about in the snow. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find a single picture of Gauss and Vali when they aren’t rocking some positive disposition.

25. Celebrity Canine Twins

From the looks of her Instagram, when Vered Blonstein isn’t acting in productions like The Good Doctor or The Hard Times of RJ Berger, she’s out with her cute twin Pomeranian mixes. These two canines are living the good life in the Hollywood Hills. If ever there were two dogs suited for the entertainment industry, it’s these guys.

celeb pet twins


Never have you seen an owner rock her twin puppies in such a proud way. Vered and her two little twins have all kinds of adventures in their high-scale neighborhood. They visit the Hollywood sign, the beach, and even just hang out in their owner’s mansion. Talk about living in the lap of luxury.

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