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This Big-Hearted Cyclist Biked A Wounded Dog To Safety And A Home

For many people out there, seeing an animal suffering prompts them to jump in and help whichever way they can! However, it’s not always easy to get a creature who is hurt to a safe place. Thankfully, this proactive biker found a unique way to transport an injured dog to get help — and an unexpected home was waiting!

Discovering A Desperate Dog

When Jared Little and his friends went out on a cycling trip, they didn’t expect to save a life. However, they soon stumbled across an animal who needed rescuing: an injured dog! Recognizing that the pup’s leg was severely broken, Little knew they couldn’t leave the canine behind to search for help. So, the cyclist had a brilliant idea to get the dog to safety!

Biking The Pup To Safety

Rather than running off to search for a car, the experienced biker decided to do what he knew best: cycle the dog to safety! He lifted the small dog onto his shoulders and set off to find help for the hurt creature. When they made it into the city, they ran into Andrea Shaw, who was traveling to Columbus, Georgia for business. Immediately, Shaw took interest in the injured pup that Little was toting around!

Intercepted By Incredible Dog-Lover

Within a couple of minutes, Shaw was calling her husband to let him know that she had fallen in love with Little’s injured rescue. After getting the green-light from him, Shaw took over the care of the pup! Shockingly, Shaw pitched in all of her own money to get the pup surgery, whom they soon named Columbo. But even after saving Columbo’s leg, Shaw wasn’t ready to part ways with the sweet canine!

Getting Columbo To His New Home

As soon as Columbo was well enough to travel, Shaw found a rescue group willing to transport the pup back to her farm in Maine! These days, Columbo runs free, plays with toys, and spends time with his farm animal siblings! Even after suffering so immensely, the loving canine has finally found happiness under Shaw’s care. And Shaw and Little can’t help but feel like Columbo’s journey to safety was fate!

Epic Proof Of Fate

Little acknowledged the one-in-a-million chance that he and Shaw would have run into each other that day. “Had I been five mins earlier or five mins later, we wouldn’t have crossed paths with her,” Little noted. But fortunately, they did, and the once-defeated Columbo has finally found a home thanks to a life-altering bike ride!

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