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Dad Shares His Hilarious Parenting Experiences Through Post-It Notes

Super dad Chris Illuminati has taken to good old-fashioned Post-it notes to lovingly share his experiences as a stay-at-home-dad on Instagram. Illuminati shares hilarious quotes from his kids and his take on the messy, beautiful chaos that is life with little humans. Fatherhood can be a sticky business. Literally.

His Hilarious Parenting Truths

When Illuminati became a new father, he took to Post-it notes and social media to document his experiences as a stay-at-home dad. Illuminati captions this photo, “And if anyone knows how to remove spray paint from a neighbor’s golden retriever, I’m all ears.” Posting under the handle “Message With A Bottle” on Instagram, Illuminati has a hilarious outlook on the everyday struggles of parenthood.


He Doesn’t Take Himself Too Seriously

Originally posting while he was a stay-at-home dad with his first son, he has since welcomed his daughter and his partner’s two children. Underneath all of the humor, you can see the love and adoration he has for his kids behind every note. He captured this adorable moment perfectly with, “Servants can also quit anytime they want.”


He Tells The Truth About Family Meals

Not all meals with kids look like something Martha Stewart cooked up. Getting little kids to sit down for a meal can be a challenge, to say the least. Sometimes, you’re just happy they are eating. Even if it’s cashews and Cap’n Crunch. Illuminati captioned this, “The #breakfast of champion 3-year-olds — Cap’n Crunch and cashews #atleastsheseating.”


Seriously, He Writes And Draws Too

Aside from his growing social media following, Illuminati has also written several books. As seen in his posts, he’s a skilled artist as well. Illuminati writes, “Second #drawingclass. Her back came out fine but I ran out of paper so instead of lounging Barbie is doing some kind of insane yoga pose. No wonder she’s got such a thin waist.”


He Makes Even The Mundane Fun

While there’s no doubt, parenting is tough, Illuminati is a fun voice who finds humor in all the chaos. He can even find the humor in grocery shopping. Illuminati captioned this snap of his grocery cart, “I’m positive this will be the last time she sends me food shopping.”  If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed in all the commotion of your kids, check out his posts.  He’s a guaranteed pick-me-up.


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