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Dad Becomes an Internet Sensation After Goddaughter Teaches Him How to Selfie

A girl from Walcha, Australia taught her godfather how to take his own selfies but didn’t expect that he would become an internet sensation. The series of photos were posted on a Facebook page, ‘Cool Dog Group’ and it quickly garnered a group of fans wooed by the adorable dogs hanging around and the bearded farmer innocently smiling at the camera.

Working on the phone’s front aperture, the old man whose name is not yet known, can be seen taking selfies with a his pet dog who adorably poses for the picture. There’s also a picture of the dog  leaning and caressing the old man posing like a magazine model. The farmer also sports a great smile with a bunch of other animals including a sheep and a dog looking straight into the camera.

The innocent and heartwarming photos has everyone on the net captivated including a netizen who said that the dog is a ‘supermodel’ and one that said that the ‘dog was born for the Internet.’

There are no other news about the man’s identity except that they live on a farm in Australia and that he was taught by his goddaughter how to take selfies. Initially featured in Bored Panda, people are still looking for more information and perhaps more selfies from the man.

With the dawn of social media, it is not surprising for someone relatively unknown to become an internet sensation. This old man’s innocent pictures prove that anyone regardless of their age can capture netizens.

With the adorable animals including the photogenic dog hanging around, the Internet will sure be looking for more from the old man. The purity and innocence of his photos will not only bring a smile to anyone’s face, but also remind them of how simplicity can also be admirable and heartwarming.

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