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Dad Leaps Into ‘Superhero Mode’ To Rescue Son From Pool

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It’s a moment that every parent fears. A split second decision must be made when a child’s life is suddenly thrust into danger. Toddler and one-year-old, Rocco Passavanti managed to sneak past an open pool gate in search of a toy. When Albert Passavanti saw his son slip and fall into the water, he immediately catapulted himself over the pool’s four-foot high fence and dove into the water to retrieve his son. Luckily, both father and son survived the incident without harm and learned a valuable lesson about pool safety.

A Sunday Outing

Albert Passavanti and his family live in beautiful Palm Beach, Florida. It was a Sunday afternoon, and the Passavanti’s were spending some time hanging around a pool. Little Rocco Passavanti, age one, wanted to play with his beach ball, which was floating in the pool. Unbeknownst to Albert, the fence surrounding the pool was slightly ajar. Albert had been relaxing in the shade, watching his son playing around the family in-ground pool.

Kids have incredible lightening-fast speed, and parents are even quicker to make a response when the life of their child is at stake. Only a few seconds had passed when Albert realized his toddler son was in danger. The little one had lost his footing, slipped, and had fallen beneath the surface of the water. Albert didn’t stop to think; he just knew he had to go for it. Going around the fence was not an option. All the while, the family’s Nest camera was capturing every heart-stopping moment. In the blink of an eye, Albert’s parental reflexes kicked in.

Super Dad Reflexes

Albert jumped out of his seat, rushed over to the fence, and hurled his body over. Rocco’s dad later commented to WPTV, “The second you see it, you get Superman strength and just have to go for it.” Mr. Passavanti didn’t think twice about his heroic actions and quick thinking.

Following Albert’s superhero reflexes, he learned a valuable lesson. Mr. Passavanti is on the lookout to prevent future incidents, and he checks to ensure the pool gate is always securely closed and locked. Many young children lose their life from drowning accidents, so Albert realized he was lucky to save his son in time. One-year-old Rocco was indeed a fortunate child to not succumb to drowning.

Pool Safety Reminder

Parents and caregivers of young children can learn a lot from Albert Passavanti’s story. Thankfully, what could have turned into a tragedy was avoided. Manager of the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Palm Beach County, Anna Stewart, took time to comment on the event. She lauded Albert’s actions, and after watching the footage, she had this to say. “When I first saw that video, my mouth dropped to the floor, oh my goodness!” Anna mentioned that adults are also at risk of drowning, even when diving to save a loved one from drowning. It is essential to assess the risks at hand before making a decision.

Stewart suggested that parents should bring flotation devices for their kids to use when at the pool. Young children should also be taught how to swim at an early age to reduce pool safety incidents. Parents who are interested in learning more about pool safety are encouraged to look at the American Academy of Pediatrics Prevention of Drowning. When little ones are enjoying family time by a body of water, it is crucial that parents stay on guard for any risks of danger. Mr. Passavanti shared video footage of the dramatic rescue online social media. Over 200 people shared the video clip, and over 140,000 people viewed the daring “Superman” dive.

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