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Dad Surprises Family With ‘Homemade Hospital’ To Rescue Dog’s Favorite Toy

There are some things in life that only a dog parent understands. When a dog lost their favorite toy, one dad pulled out all the stops to bring their pooch’s “baby back to life.” Despite being buried by snow, no longer having stuffing, and falling apart, a dog parent knew how much it meant to their fur baby to not be without their favorite toy.

Oh Bear, Where Art Thou?

Many a dog is inseparable from their beloved toy, no matter if it is old, worn, or dirty. When a cute dog named Lucky lost their favorite toy during a winter storm, the moping canine was not himself.


Online Twitter, user Michaella Wallace shared some sweet tweets about what her dad Terry did for the family hound. Terry could have easily tried to mollify Lucky with another toy, but he knew that there was no replacement for Bear.

Dad To The Rescue

Michaella was attending college out of state in Pennsylvania, so Terry wanted to let his daughter know about what was going on at home with Lucky and his sister Luci. Michaella was going through her first week of classes, so her dad wanted to cheer her up while away from home.

The Dodo

Bear somehow managed to get buried under a pile of snow, but after finding a “slight pulse.” Terry was determined to save the toy’s life. Quickly, Terry texted Michaella, “I’m doing CPR,” and kept his daughter up-to-date with Bear’s recovery.

Road To Recovery

Terry showed his daughter, the family dogs, and the Internet how to bring smiles and happiness to others selflessly. Terry got the whole family involved with a group text and was too eager to share a picture of his handiwork. Michaella was laughing, and mom responded with, “OMG,” as Terry had fashioned a hospital set up for Bear, complete with an IV drip.

Pretty 52

Nestled with concerned looks on their faces, Lucky and Laci looked on while the beloved toy made a speedy recovery. The moment went viral as people swooned over the lengths parents will go for their loved ones. Lucky and his toy were back together again and dad patted himself on the back for a job well done.

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