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Prepare The Tissues: This Determined Dad Worked 3 Jobs To Surprise Daughter With Dream Dress

When you’re a parent, you want to give your child the entire universe. Unfortunately, most people can’t afford to do that. But you work hard and strive to give your child everything you can. When one dad found out that a simple dress would make his daughter the happiest girl in the world, he did everything he could to buy it for her.

A Loving Father

“Hardworking” is an understatement when it comes to Ricky Smith, who holds three jobs in order to provide for his family. He spends most of his time working at Popeyes, McDonald’s, and a Circle K convenience store to give his children what they need.

One day, his daughter mentioned a dress that she wanted for her eighth-grade dance. Smith was worried when he found out that it cost $200. He wasn’t sure that he would be able to afford it.

His Special Princess

However, a dad will do anything for his princess. He took shifts seven days a week to be able to purchase the dress. When he had finally saved up enough money, he decided to surprise her.

He took the dress and put it in a garment bag. He then told his daughter that it was just a dress from her grandmother. She had no idea that her dad had worked all those extra hours just for her.

A Fairytale Ending

When her father opened the bag, she finally saw what all of his hard work was for and gave him a huge hug. The touching moment, which her mother captured on camera, eventually went viral.

She has been quoted saying how glad she is that Ricky is her dad. We hope she holds on to that feeling as the teenage years approach. We know that her father will never forget how he felt watching his daughter light up with joy.

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