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Heartwarming Daddy-Daughter Photoshoot With Two Father Figures Prove Divorce Isn’t Always Loveless

When going through a tough divorce, parents can sometimes take their eye off their most important goal: raising a happy, nurtured kid. However, this remarkable family had proven that what follows a difficult split can bring tons more love into the picture… even and especially new partners!

Remaining Loving Through Divorce

Hey, parenting is a hard enough gig as it is…especially when you’re going through a divorce. Sometimes, the complicated relationship between newly divorced parents can make co-parenting extremely difficult. It can also be pretty hard when new partners find their way into the picture. However, this incredible duo of parents didn’t want their kid to view their split as anything hateful.

Dylan Lenox/Facebook

David and Sarah share a sweet, young daughter named Willow. As they divorced, they made sure their kid continued to feel loved every step of the way. They continued to co-parent like rock stars, even when new partners were introduced into the picture. And when Sarah became engaged for the second time, David didn’t get upset. Instead, he welcomed the newest member of their family with open arms.

An Incredible Duo Of Dads

With incredible gratitude, David recognized that a second father-figure in Willow’s life would only mean more love for his daughter. He saw the introduction of Sarah’s fiancé, Dylan Lenox, as an awesome addition to Willow’s support system. Dylan seemed to have equal gratitude for David’s accepting and welcoming attitude. On the way to Willow’s father-daughter dance, an impromptu photoshoot showed the love that both men had for their family.

Dylan Lenox/Facebook

David was the one who got to take Willow to her 2019 dance. However, Sarah, a professional photographer, wanted to capture both of the special men in Willow’s life. The two dads were happy to oblige and took a series of gorgeous, quirky pictures with their kid. However, for Dylan and David, the photos captured more than just the beauty of their daughter. It also highlighted their appreciation for the family they built.

Creating A Unique, Loving Family

According to an emotional Facebook post from Dylan, the trio of parents “have molded ourselves into one unique family…for the sake of our children to know the power of love.” He also testified that he gained both a daughter and “a brother and a best friend” thanks to Willow, David, and Sarah. While Dylan knew it wasn’t a typical divorce narrative, he and David proved a loving split was more than possible.

Dylan Lenox/Facebook

Dylan also highlighted how caring more about your kids than how society believes divorced parents should treat each other makes an impact. “Walls will fall, life will be free of hatred and remorse,” he wrote. So, yes, divorces can sometimes be tricky and make parenting a struggle. However, this spectacular, blended family proves that what follows can be a chance to introduce even more love into the picture.

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