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Dad’s Conversations With His Young Daughters Will Make You LOL

James Breakwell is a comedy writer and father of four girls ages seven and under. His Twitter page is full of hilarious conversations that he’s had with his daughters, who have obviously inherited their dad’s comedic genes. Whether it’s serious discussion about cupcakes or confusion over language, they’re sure to bring a smile to your face.

Celery And Benefits

This four-year-old can’t imagine why on earth her dad would go to work every day for this kind of incentive.

4-year-old: “Why do you go to work?”
Dad: “They pay me a salary.”
4-year-old: “I don’t even like celery.”


A Time To Worry

Dad: “Who’s your favorite in the new Star Wars movie?”

5-year-old: “Kylo Ren.”

Dad is suddenly very concerned with where their relationship is headed.

Dad: “You can’t like Kylo Ren. He killed his dad.”

5-year-old: “Maybe he deserved it.”

Dad: “I’m never sleeping again.”


Making Perfect Sense

This one shows just how serious five-year-old girls are about their cupcakes.

5-year-old: “I’m writing a book.”
Dad: “What’s it called?”
5-year-old: “I Ate Too Many Cupcakes.”
Dad: “Oh.”
5-year-old: “It’s just pretend because you can never eat too many cupcakes.”



Poor Dad gets a compliment just to have it taken right away. In other news, Mom is the bomb. We kind of knew that all along though.

3-year-old: “You’re strong.”
Dad: “Yeah.”
3-year-old: “Really strong.”
Dad: “Definitely.”
3-year-old: “Almost as strong as Mom.”


Who Cares

This conversation perfectly illustrates how unconcerned kids are with what everybody else is doing.

Dad: “What did you do at school today?”
5-year-old: “Learned about dragons.”
Dad: “Your class learned about dragons?”
5-year-old: “I learned about dragons. I don’t know what everybody else was doing.”


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