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This Dad’s Hysterical Mix-Up With A Stranger’s Dog Is Unbelievable

If you’re a parent, you can testify to the struggle of keeping up with a house full of kids — and when you add pets to the equation, it can be easy to lose your focus when you need it the most. This father’s hysterical mistake proves this to be true — and may make you rethink your next visit to the groomer’s!

An Unforseeable Mix-Up

When taking your dog to get groomed, they often look a bit different after being cleaned and trimmed. This seems to be the root of the trouble for the situation that Nieves, a Maltese, found themselves in when the head of their household showed up to take them home — and accidentally kidnapped another dog instead!


Nieves has been with their family for roughly 10 years, which is seemingly plenty of time to get to know the appearance of your pet. However, when this father brought their supposed pooch home to his sons — Alex and his brother — his children knew something had gone wrong.

A Father’s Hysterical Mistake

It didn’t take much detective work on Alex’s part to figure out that the pup that his dad had brought home, while also a Maltese, was not his precious Nieves. He claims that his dog had softer fur and was a bit smaller than the dog his father accidentally hijacked — but his dad still didn’t notice until they confronted him!


In laughter-induced tears, the brothers shared their findings with their dad. Their father was stunned at his own mistake, and was quick to load the pup into his car and speed back to the store to reclaim their family dog!

Reclaiming Their Family Pet

To make certain that he wouldn’t accidentally snatch another Maltese, their father texted the brothers a picture of the pup he planned on bringing home to make sure it was the right pooch. Luckily, the second time was the charm, and they were able to swap out the stolen dog for their Nieves!


Although Alex and his brother were sad to bid farewell to the stranger’s puppy, both dogs are back in their own homes — and they’re hopefully being paid plenty of due attention!

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