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The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of This Dad’s Response To Sassy Toddler’s ‘Boyfriend’ Announcement

How would you react if your sweet little girl announced that she found herself a boyfriend? Well, that’s exactly what this brave toddler tried to pull off…and her dad had some pretty hilarious opinions about it.

The Price Of Being A Princess

Hey, dads can be extremely protective when it comes to their precious daughters. What’s a princess without her royal guard? Along with the perks that come with being “daddy’s little girl,” daughters have to prepare for plenty of overprotection…especially when it comes to dating.

If most dads had the choice, they’d probably prevent their daughters from going out until they were 35 years old. But even when kids are too young to date, schoolyard crushes are pretty normal. And a harmless crush can be cute, right? Well, this little girl was very insistent that she had an actual boyfriend…and her father had some opinions.

A Little Soon For Dating

Sure, the dinner table can be a great place to break the news that you’re dating someone…when you’re a teenager. But if you’re as young as this kid, mom and dad might not be ready to hear about your love life. When this little girl announced her relationship status at dinner for both of her parents, neither could quite believe what they were hearing.

She didn’t pull any punches telling her family her big news: “I got a boyfriend!” Amongst an uproar of sibling laughter, her dad immediately quipped back, “Oh no, you do not!” Adorably, they argued back and forth about whether or not her boyfriend was legitimate. Then, finally, her father swept in with a dreaded phrase.

A Daddy-Daughter Showdown

While she continued to argue that she truly had a boyfriend, her dad tried another approach. He told her, “That boyfriend better be talking to…your daddy!” And since no one looks forward to “meet the parents” for a reason, this girl certainly wasn’t going to be the first to start. She threw a fit and pouted, shouting “no, no, no!” in response. But don’t worry: she didn’t end her argument there.

To justify not having to introduce her boyfriend to her dad, she proudly announced: “he’s MY boyfriend!” Somehow, despite her triumphant smile, we don’t think that’ll prevent this protective dad from looking into his daughter’s relationship. Either way, the Internet has seemed to reply with approval for the adorable video, as the viral clip garnered nearly 280,000 views on Facebook in a month.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved