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No Matter What You’re Looking For, These Dating App Hacks Will Help You Find It

Two disclaimers before we get started. One, yes, it’s absolutely possible to meet your soulmate on a dating app like Tinder and get married. Two, yes, dating apps are mostly for hookups might destroy your faith in humanity 90% of the time. Whether you’re looking for the right one or just a right-now one, here are some life hacks to help you get the most out of your swiping experience. Even if you’re not a Tinder or dating app user, stick around for a peek into the mind of madness.

Don’t Look Like A Lonely Weirdo

Though a solo shot of you sipping a martini by the beach might make you look well-traveled, it could also make you look like a serial killer. Tinder super-user Daniel Beard recommends a pic with some pals, presumably to show that there are people who can stand you.

Really Unexpected Humor

The conversation starter is the hardest part, and no, “Hey” is just not enough, sorry. Instead of a bawdy opening line, why not subvert expectations with some unexpected, if harsh, humor? Worked here.

Use Your Skills To Your Advantage

Yeah, honesty is the best policy, but this is Tinder. It’s a Darwinistic hellscape where only the strong survive. This guy applied a bit of Photoshop to his profile pic to make it look like he’s a Tinder-endorsed suggested match. All’s fair in love and war.

Link Up With Instagram

A potential match is going to want to know as much about you as possible before making a decision. Linking your profile to Instagram (and making it public) is the easiest way to do just that, and it could be the make-or-break move that gets you the right-swipe.

Be Adorkable

If these two didn’t end up getting married, then love is a lie! Noelle’s match used some thinking power to come up with what is probably the best opener we’ve ever seen. Noelle seems to agree. See, this is why “hey” is lame.

Game The System

Swipe left on everyone for a while, and you’ll start getting a lot of attention. Tinder’s algorithm is based on rejection, so the more people you turn down, the hotter it thinks you are. Game the system by turning down everyone and you’ll see your matches skyrocket.

Strike First

Always, always, be the first to message. Most people wait to be messaged, so if you want to increase your chances of making a match a sure thing, make first contact.

Be 100% About What You Want

You can fudge the algorithm and your profile, but you should be 100% honest about what you want from Tinder right off the bat. Girls like Jessica are probably going for a girl-next-door vibe to find a man they can make happy. If that’s not your speed, there are plenty of Kaylas, too.

Use All Six Photos

Tinder lets you use six photos, so use ’em! Zero-to-one photos looks iffy, like you’re a bot or a Twitter egg. If you don’t have an Instagram link, then use what Tinder gives you to the max.

The #1 Tip For Guaranteeing A Date From Tinder

Ask your match to coffee. Seriously! People get nervous about all-in dates, or meeting someone at their home. Coffee is as harmless now as it ever was and is still the perfect, low-entry, low-cost, barely-commital way to get to know someone. Good luck out there!

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