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5 Dating Podcasts You Should Be Listening To For Confidence Boosters

It can be discouraging to be the only single woman in your circle of friends. Everyone else is happy in love. But it’s not easy to date and there aren’t any rules to the “dating game.” Luckily there are many popular podcasts, including these five, that provide good advice for anyone struggling to date.

Almost 30

Dating, in general, is difficult, but it’s even harder during your transition from your twenties to your thirties. Hosted by Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik, “Almost 30” focuses on how to embrace your thirties, but the episodes also talk about dating and relationships. To start, we recommend listening to episodes 96 and 97 with relationship coach John Wineland for the best advice.

Almost 30 Podcast

Swipe Out

Have you ever experienced an awful, embarrassing first date? Maybe you were set up by a friend or you met someone on a dating app. You discover you have no chemistry, so the date isn’t fun for both parties. In “Swipe Out,” host Alix McAlpine shares her own embarrassing dating experiences. Hopefully, these stories will assure you that you’re not alone.

Jovana Rikalo

This Is Why You’re Single

Have you ever wondered why you’re single? All of your friends have significant others. So, why is it harder for you? In “This Is Why You’re Single,” hosts Laura and Angela hilariously share their dating experiences and break down various relationship studies. They tackle difficult dating topics, including body shaming, dating while transitioning into your thirties, being shy around the opposite sex, and more.

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Ready For Love

Are you ready for love but you don’t know how to get started? If you answered yes, “Ready for Love” host Ane Auret has all the answers. As a dating and relationship coach, Auret offers advice and practical tools to prepare you to date with confidence. She will help you let go of any obstacles in your way of finding love.


Why Won’t You Date Me?

Nicole Byer’s “Why Won’t You Date Me?” podcast is hilarious and completely open about her love life. She invites former boyfriends as guests, and she also asks her guests if they would date her. If they say no, she cuts right to the chase: Why not? Byer recognizes many women might feel the same way as her, so she offers her best advice.

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