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Deaf Cat Goes Viral For Super Verbal Response Every Time She Sees Her Owner

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Sometimes the largest of sounds can come from the smallest of creatures. Clarabelle, an affectionate and devoted feline to her human, loves to let out a lion-worthy “meow” at her mama when around the house. Proud pet parent, Cristina Kintner, never ceases to be amazed by her fur baby. Cristina was so fascinated by Clarabelle’s vocalness, that she was moved to make a compilation video of the “rescued dumpster cat” in action.

Funny Feline

Looking at Clarabelle, one wouldn’t easily believe that such a beautiful feline had such a tough life. Before being rescued by Cristina Kintner when she was a kitten, the cat with a fluffy white coat, one blue eye, and one yellow eye was homeless and alone. Clarabelle loves to meow excitedly when greeting Cristina, is hungry or seeking attention. Little does Clarabelle realize, her meows are in no way average. This kitty has some pipes on her.

Volume Control

Since Clarabelle is deaf, she doesn’t realize the strength of her voice. The vet evaluated Clarabelle once Cristina realized the cat wasn’t responding to her voice, and that’s when she was determined to be 100% hearing impaired.  Since Clarabelle cannot hear herself when letting out an earth-shattering “meow,” she has no idea that she is incredibly loud. Taken aback by the hilarity of it all, Cristina documented Clarabelle over the years, capturing her sounds of joy and contentment.

Adorable Ringer

At home, Cristina loves sharing Clarabelle’s escapades online Instagram. The delightful cat enjoys hanging out with her brother Douglas, a dog, who was also rescued from a dumpster. The two fur babies are inseparable and enjoy cuddling most times, as Kitner wrote on Instagram, ” I sure do love my little brother, Douglas!” On the Internet, videos of Clarabelle have received over two million views, as people couldn’t enough of this affectionate and adorable kitty. Online YouTube, user SuperBeavers said, “she doesn’t know how loud she is and I love it.”

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